The life of Cyrah


6. december ...

Oh my lord so much has happened in December. I've decided to keep this up instead. But anywhore, let's start.

Well me and tiffany got into this fight okay? So I went to Texas over Christmas break. She didn't believe I did, so I gave her proof and she didn't believe me still. These were my exact words. 

"Well fine I really don't give a shit about your opinion, so keep not believing what you want. Screw you." Ok ok maybe that was a bit harsh but shut up, nobody asked you. So we argued for a bit longer until she just replied with 

"What a liar! Go fucking hang yourself!" Myah myah myah blah blah blah! Bitch! Shut dafaq up! Maybe I will. So your catching the drift that this "Tiffany" isn't exactly the nicest person. Well in other news. I made a new friend! His name is Bryce and he moved here from Africa. He is the best and has been through so much I have a lot of respect for him. He helps me with my problems. The only reason I write is to curb the temptation to pick up the razor. He helps just by being there with me. But anyways not much has happened since then. My math teacher was talking until he saw a rainbow. And of course, he had to take the entire wing out to take pictures of the rainbow. The he made us email it to him... Sketchy. I learned I was amazing at doing the taxes on things... My ONLY talent. People say I can sing... In tape and in my head I sound like an elephant giving birth. They're all being nice. I went to the mall with Zack and we saw my friend Brody so we hung for a bit. The one thing I miss overly are my friends. My best friend in the world is Angela. She is amazing and doesn't let anyone get to her. I wish I could be like that. My other best friend Brigid, she's been through to much shit. And every time she comes out shining. She's perfecttt. :3 stay beautiful ✴✳✴ O:-)  cc

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