When The World Goes Cold

What happens when you can't admit you were wrong.


2. 2010

Things started to get hairy. Our new house was not the way it was supposed to be. We had hired my uncle, who was a builder to construct our house. It was a beautiful house. But the inside was not. The walls in the garage were cracking and the corners of the house were not right angles. Things weren't level and other things were breaking. Its one thing to have a couple little things wrong, but when there is a multiple page list, then there is a problem. We tried to ask nicely, we asked more harshly and all we got was that it wasn't my uncles fault. It was his job to be over seeing every thing that was being done, down to the last nail hole being covered. But all we got was "You are not part of my family"

You are not part of my family...

Do you know what that does to a family? It tears them apart. People take sides and you never speak to them again.


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