Too dopee

A weird love story, I suppose. Two instagrammers notice each other one day and talk through chat.. But will they keep their promises and meet each other one day..?


3. Tea

Chelsea's P.O.V:

his voice was exactly as I imagined it. Well, even better! This made him even more attractive!

What? What am I thinking? We don't have a chance.. But maybe we can still be friends right? Will we meet up one day? Wh-

"Chelseaaaaaaa!!!!!!" My best friend Annie, interrupted my thoughts. I didn't mind that, at least it stopped me from thinking about him.

"Hey! I have some things we need to talk about!" I said as a huge grin started to appear from my face, I but my lip to stop myself.


"Ok ok, you go first!"

We took a seat down, away from the crowd.

"Well, where do I begin? This sounds like I don't know him at all.. But I've met a guy from Instagram.." Annie began, before she could finish her sentence I smiled and interrupted her.


We both laughed.

"And um well we've been talking for a while and, I think I like him.. But he lives in Germany."

Annie looked down disappointed. I smiled at her to cheer her up and began,

"That's cool! The same thing happened to me too!-well except that the guy I like lives in Mexico.. Haha, what's this guy like anyway?"

"Well, first of all his name is Bene, and wow! He's like a freakin super model! His photos are just.. Ahh perfect! We talk about anything and we always say goodnight to each other, it's really cute but I don't think I have a chance with him.. He lives so far away- well not as far as Mexico! Haha"

We laughed at it then I began,

"My guy, well his name is Matthew but his nick name is Jordyn- everyone calls him by that, It's his middle name. We've been talking a lot, like a lot! My contract on my phone has over runned! Haha"

"He sounds amazing!" Annie grabbed a drink out of her bag and took a sip.

"Well, we are 18. Why don't we go travel to see them?" I said with a grin on my face.

"I know that face! There's going to be trouble!"

We both laughed, and we went to Annie's flat. Annie made a cup if tea, while I looked around her flat. There were pictures if her mom. She was beautiful- just like Annie. Her mum died of an operation or something. She didn't like to talk about it. Her mom died when she was seven years old.

There always used to be this girl called Sophie, who kept calling her mom a bitch just because she scratched the car and her mom took away her phone and iPod. She even said it when Annie was there, I felt so sorry for Annie. But she doesn't need sympathy she needs a mothers love. It's horrible to think that someone could be so harsh towards their own mother, especially when someone has lost theirs.

I loved Annie, she was my best friend for life. I could trust her with anything!

I came back into the kitchen and grabbed her laptop. I searched cheap plane tickets to Germany/Mexico.

"So that's what you were thinking! No surprise there haha!" Annie laughed.

"We can do it, let's go! Why not meet them? Just say that your going to be there for a month or so and wondered if he would let you stay at his!" It sounded more right in my head, now it just sounds desperate!

"What?? Noo!"

"C'mon at least try! See what he says!

Annie grabbed her phone and texted him, he replied instantly.

"So what did he say?!" A smile began to grow bigger across my face.

"He says YES!!! Oh my gosh!!" We both started screaming with joy.

Now it was just my turn. Annie made it look so easy.. I guess it's now or never!

C: hey, I'm coming to Mexico for a bit in your neighbour hood for.. Some sight seeing. And I was wondering if I could maybe stay at yours as I don't have enough money to rent out a flat?(:"

I was as nervous as hell. What was he going to say?? What if he says no?!

J: sure(: I can meet you at the airport, when are you coming?(:

My face was stiff and shocked. He let me stay?? He let me stay!

"He said yes!! Hahaha!!" I started prancing around of happiness.

"Oh and Annie, our leaving times are 3:00am this Sunday!"

"Wait, I'm going to Germany and you're going to Mexico?" Annie said with a confused face.

"Yes! We will keep in contact throughout the whole thing!" I smiled at her to reassure her.

"Ok! Let's get packing!!!"

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