Too dopee

A weird love story, I suppose. Two instagrammers notice each other one day and talk through chat.. But will they keep their promises and meet each other one day..?


2. pictures

Chelsea's P.O.V:

Damn. He was cute! I just had to talk to him, but how? I don't want to sound off like I'm a creep. His smile was perfection, his braces made him even more cuter. His photos were pictures of him from his football (American football). He looked really good at it. I liked a few pictures just to get his attention. I really hoped he noticed. It's weird because I've never really stopped and thought about a cute boy and how I was already starting to like him even though I barely knew him. He was different, but I just can't seem to figure out why..

I noticed he liked a few pictures back. I felt a but if happiness inside me, at least he noticed me. I get a lot of boys who kik messenger me. I don't really take much notice, most of the time they want to be more than friends. But I don't, I just stay at the friend zone.

Jordyn's P.O.V:

Who was this girl? Suddenly appearing out of know where and taking notice if ME? I'm ratchet, well I think so but others say not. But she was mighty fine, like, woah! I liked a few pictures of hers so she knew I noticed her. I scrolled down her pictures. Her beautiful brown curls landed softly just below her brests. It was long but not too long- just perfect! And her big brown eyes. I could look into them forever!

I had to talk to her, I had to find out what kind if person she was, I didn't even know her name. I mean I like a lot of girls, but this one was different..

I commented. I put 'What's ur #?(:' she replied within seconds! 'I have kik, u can use that, it's in my bio(:'

Chelsea's P.O.V:

I was excited! I don't know why. Boys don't usually ask for my number! Well, the ones that I like.

J: hey

C: hello(:

J: how are you?(:

C: good(: how's you?

J: good, now that I'm taking to you(;

C: oh haha:D that's good then

J: yeah(: where about do you live?

C: U.k London hbu?(:

J: Mexico, and damn you're far away!

At that moment I realised that I had kind if no chance with him, but that didn't put me off. He lives in Mexico and I live in London. Big difference! I mean, I'm disappointed but at the same time so happy that I talked to him(well texted).

C: wow that's far!;0

J: I know.. Can I get your #?(:

C: sure(: it's +447628904648

J: great(:


I was excited to ring her, I just wanted to hear her voice. Was I rushing into things..? I just want to know her and meet her. But I don't want to feel as if I'm going to far forward for her.. I mean we've only just met. What am I thinking? I'm going to fast. Maybe I just want her so bad..

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