When i grow up i want to be just like you

For the story of my life competition *Inspired by a photograph* :)


1. I want to be just like daddy!

There is a phrase that every child says. They will say it at some point in there life. Whether it is to their mum, dad, sister, brother, nan or granddad, they will say it. That phrase is "When I grow up I want to be just like you".

Some parents ignore it, after all every child says it. But it shouldn't be ignored. It's a child way of saying how much the love and look up to you. We've all had the stages.

When we were 5 and they asked us what we wanted to be, there were different answers. A princess? An astronaut?. But there was always someone. One child who's answer was completely different. I was that child, along with so many others. When I was asked this question I didn't hesitate. The answer was simple...

I wanted to be a singer, just like daddy!

Nobody paid attention to this though. I might as well have said princess. We were all 5, nobody actually cared about our answer.

When we were a bit older we got asked again. But this time people did care about your answer. They cared about your future. So the answers were different. A hairdresser? A doctor? A lawyer? Of course you could still be different, but if you said you wanted to be like your dad you'll get laughed at. My answer was once again simple.

I want to be an actress or a singer.

People think you've forgotten about your request all those years ago. Your wish just to be like your loved one. But you haven't!

My dad inspired me to become what I am today. He gave me the confidence to stand up and let my voice be heard, to believe in myself no matter what others may think. So even now, I know what I want to be. My choice of career is unclear. I don't care if I end up a lawyer or working in McDonalds. What I want to be when I'm older?

I want to be just like my dad.

I want to be clever, but not boast. I want to be wise, but still see the world in a childish way. I want to be strong, but still rely on others because I cannot walk this world alone.


There is a photo in my living room. It's of me and my dad. My dad was on stage singing and he made me get up with him. His arm was round my waist as he held the microphone between us. He knelt on the floor, whilst I stood. I still wasn't the same height as him. But it's the things that the picture doesn't show that make my world. The lovingness in my dads eyes. The way I looked up to him. He was my world.

But there's also another photo. Right beside this one. Taken years later but with the same concept. Me and my dad, singing together on stage. My dads arm wrapped around my waist as we sung into the microphone. I was taller now and I had become a smaller version of him.

These pictures sit side by side. They tell the story of my journey into who I have become. I always said that when I grew up I wanted to be like my dad. I have grown up and my wish has come true. Yes, I'm never going to become a computer technician. But I am my dad. Everything he could want me to be, I have become.

I wanted to be like my dad and I am...

That is the story of my life!

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