[Mock-Fiction] V - Fures Misericordiam

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Aye. Tis me again.

Cover by Secrets Unfold


1. The Very Long Author’s Note

That’s right another Latin title. Though unlike the others, this one isn’t a Latin phrase. It’s a quote from Hamlet that I translated–

Nah, you know what. It will destroy the story. If you want, translate it yourselves [Google is free to use], but it’ll probably be a huge spoiler. [I’ve always wondered if you wanted to know what those titles meant… leave a comment to stay my wondering, please XD]


But anyway, I know and I am sorry. I know I said like three times in the last few books that I wouldn’t write another – but these have gone from being Mock-Fictions to becoming archives for my rowdy mind.

I’m telling you, it’s Hell in my head.

So instead of doing the tedious chore of killing the fictional One Direction gang again, I’m going to focus more on Emperor Lodovico Smith and his Empire. Maybe deal with some more political issues concerning Masyaf. That sort of thing.

I’ll quit spoiling, now XD.



Um, I wanted to change a character in this one, like I changed Marshall to Richard in Alea Iacta Est. The reason is a little Movellas-Political, so I won’t go into explaining everything, but I did wanna change this character. I’d’ve prefered doing the switch in the last book, but I couldn’t because she was orignally one of the co-authors.

So I’ll change her here, instead.


Abbess Hollywood of Masyaf will now be known as Abbess Britney of Masyaf.


From here onwards, the Abbess is no longer to be associated with the user who initially wanted to be in the story. I do this for the benefit of the user, as the plot-line is a little controversial in terms of characters and events.



Moving on, the RATINGS of this story are similar to the ones preceding it: there will be graphic violence, references to adult themes, use of adapted strong language [as used in Alea Iacta Est], and there will be – unfortunately – mentions of alcohol intake and drug abuse. Please, kindly take these into consideration before you begin to read.




This section contains SPOILERS. It is the summary of the whole story thus far. Should you wish to read the previous stories [which I do not recommend, as it would be a rather large waste of your time] I strongly advise you do not read this section of the Author’s Note.


Set in the future, Emperor Lodovico Smith rules the United Atlantic Federation [comprising of  the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States of America, Austrailia and the newly gained territory of Bengal], which is Puritan under the Emperor’s reign. Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik are dead, and Liam and Louis were taken by the Brotherhood at the All Souls’ Day Massacre. One Direction were part of a crumbling rebel force called the Wrong Direction [WD]. The remaining leaders of the WD were put to the test in Masyaf using the Timelord Vesp’s vast imagination and the Pieces of Eden, and failed miserably, leading to their deaths.


However, some time later the mercenary leader, Midnight Rogue, had been given a commission to fight a minor skirmish in Bengal [prior to the Emperor’s conquest of it] which she embarked on and disappeared. She was held captive by the monarch, Prithy Choudary, who was in correspondence with a Zayn Malik who’d emerged from another dimension. Rogue escaped and was sought out by Brotherhood members, and was brought home to Masyaf – but not before Choudary was burned at the stake for treason by the Emperor [thus securing Bengal for himself], and Zayn was assassinated by Rogue.


A year or so later, Vesp has died and a new Timelord, Jess, is enrolled. She tells them that the Zayn in Bengal happened to be a clone. There were other-dimensional WD leaders hording an army to destroy Masyaf. The Brotherhood sent Rogue, Lia, the Abbess and Emmie to pull important historical figures out of time [these included people such as Leonidas of Sparta, Joan of Arc and Altair ibn LaAhad] and pertinent other-dimensional characters out of space so as to boost the army of Masyaf.

However, when a courier arrived telling them that the WD had gathered an army of 10,000 strong, a suggestion was made to summon armies of the past and of other dimensions, using the existing historical/dimensional figures as Anchors – Rogue’s Nazgul being the live sacrifice.


The army having been built, they destroyed the forces of the WD and killed their leaders again – but not before an eerie sense of treachery began to rise within Masyaf. The historical figures and other-dimensional peoples were returned to their times and places, their memories wiped of the incidents – including Darim ibn LaAhad, who Rogue had taken to – but not without Timelord Jess facing severe sanctions from the Council of Timelords and Dimensional Shunters.

Rogue leaves the Brotherhood for London in secret, only sharing this information with her lieutenant, Khadir.




I’d just like to say: I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of self-praise. And it bothers me that the character, Rogue, has become so epic. I’m not like that. I mean… maybe if you were exaggerate everything about me by fifty degrees, then I’d be the character Midnight Rogue, but really – I’m not very like her. So please don’t think of me as that Rogue. I’m quite plain, simple and boring – quite the opposite of Rogue as a character.

Kindly make that distinction, please?


Also, I’ve recently been… I wouldn’t obsessed, I’d say addicted to Les Miserables. I’ve watched it so many times in the last month… I’ve lost count as to how many times. I practically know every line from that movie. I don’t even know why I’ve watched it so many times – it’s not my favorite (Braveheart is my favourite, hands down), I would still rate it a seven out of ten (because no matter how much I love Hugh Jackman, he cannot sing; Marius still looks to me like a toad and  I don’t understand why not one, but two women are chasing after him; the hot, curly-haired guys die; and the directing is a little, um, lacking).

What I’ve been obsessed with is Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. I’ve read all the spoilers I could about it. I know everything about every character – good or bad – and it still makes me cry when someone I like dies (Gah! Thatch and Mary TT_TT) and it still makes me laugh when something stupid happens (Shut your gob, Vane!).


Enough of my banter, you’ll see the effects of both of these (Les Mis and Black Flag) in this story. Very prominent, I promise you.




Right, that took a while to write out. I hope you have enough to go on with. And, thus, without further ado – I present to you:


Mock-Fiction V: Fures Misericordiam


Enjoy ;D



P.S.: I would be grateful if someone could recommend or create a cover for this. I’m stumped, I’ve no idea what to put. I want it to fit in with the previous covers, though. So, leave your comments below.

Please bear with me.

Thank you.

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