[Mock-Fiction] V - Fures Misericordiam

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Aye. Tis me again.

Cover by Secrets Unfold


21. 19 – Look Down!

Look down and see, the beggars at your feet,

Look down and show, some mercy if you can.

Look down and see, the sweepings of the street:

Look down, look down – upon your fellow man!

Mariqah waded through the crowd of protesters, getting a view of Dante’s ‘best man’ for this job. The skinny lad, of about 20 years, intercepted a taxi – stopping it in its tracks and breaking the window with a swift kick,

How d’you do? My name’s Gavroche,” he said to the passengers, smiling at them mockingly,

These are m’people, ‘ere’s my patch,” he gestured to the crowd of protesters,

Not much to look at, nothing posh –

Nothing that you’d call up to scratch.


This is m’school, my high society,” he raised his arms in a revering gesture, and looked around,

Here in the slums, can’t you tell?

We live on crumbs of ‘umble piety,

Tough on the teeth – but what the ‘ell?


He gestured to his entourage, who looted the passengers, and called to the mob,

Think you’re poor, think you’re free?

Follow me, follow me!


Look down and see, the beggars at your feet,

Look down and show, some mercy if you can.

Look down and see, the sweepings of the street:

Look down, look down – upon your fellow man!


Mariqah stood, as Gavroche led the mob to her. She spoke,

There was a time, we killed the king,

We tried to change the world too fast,

Now we ‘ave got another the king –

He’s no better than the last!

she raised her fist and the people cheered.


Gavroche climbed the makeshift stage and chanted,

This is the land that fought for liberty,

Now when we fight, we fight for bread –

‘Cause ‘ere is the thing about equality:

Everyone’s equal when they’re dead!


“Take your place, take your chance!

The people chanted back, “Take your chance, take your chance!


Look down and show some mercy if you can

Look down, look down – upon your fellow man!


Where are the leaders of the land?” cried Mariqah,

Where is the king who runs this show?

Only one man, Master Richard,” returned Gavroche.

Spoke for the people, here below.”

Mariqah closed her eyes and sighed, “Dick’s turned coat and is fading fast,

Won’t help poor out, so they say–

With all the anger in the land,” Gavroche raised his fist in the air,

How long before the judgement day?

The crowd chanted, “Before we cut the fat ones down to size!

Before the End of Time a-rrives!

There was sudden silence. Mariqah raised a hand, and lifted her head – turning it quickly from side to side. She heard the sound of marching, “Everyone, dis-perse! The army’s coming!”

The crowd silently dispersed in all directions, knowing all hiding spots and retreats through the labyrinthine back-streets.
She put a hand on Gavroche’s shoulder, “Lead everyone away. Make sure they’re secure. I’m heading to my lodgings.”

He nodded and ran off, gesturing for everyone to follow. Mariqah, jumped down and walked casually towards her apartment which wasn’t too far off.


“Halt!” called a voice.

Mariqah paused and turned slowly, a brow raised as she eyed the portly gentleman on a horse.

“Show some respect, urchin!” he said, trotting his horse up to try and intimidate her, “Scum! Kn-ee­-l!”

She yawned, and then said, “I only kneel for God in Heaven. Not for men on earth.”

He narrowed his eyes, “Where are the rebels?”

“It’s hard to say. They’re everywhere and nowhere at once.”

“Stay your nonsense, girl! Give me a clear answer, or you’ll face severe consequences!”

She blinked and tipped her head a little, as the sound of disciplined marching increased, “You know, I do think I ken from where your ruffians are coming from.”


“Aye,” she pointed behind the man, “they’re coming from over there.”

The man wheeled his horse around, “What are you–?” the man growled as he realised what Mariqah was telling him and dismounted. The General of the army approached him hastily, leaving his army behind.

“Halt!” he called, raising an arm, without turning back. The marching stopped and the soldiers in their bright red livery stood to attention in uniformity. Mariqah noticed that there was only about a hundred soldiers.

Arrogance, on the part of the Emperor, she thought pensively.

“Ah, inspector,” said the General, patting the man’s shoulder, “I see you’ve done well in making the rebels run!” he laughed heartily, and then looked around.

“Prince Seth,” replied the inspector sternly, “your brother, the Emperor, would not take kindly to your humour in recent events! You should–”

He stared into Seth’s distracted face. A faint smile appeared as Seth continued to stare, and raise his head a little.


“My liege?” said the inspector, a little worriedly.

Seth snapped his head towards him, “Uh, oh, um… Sorry, you were saying?”

“The rebels. You must find them.”

“Yes, yes,” Seth turned back to find the woman with the dark hair and scarred lip – gone, “Hey, where did she…?”

The inspector turned on his heel, “Blast!” he cursed, “She must have been one of them! The vermin slipped right through my fingers! Come, my lord, she couldn’t have gotten far!”

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