A short poem to raise awareness to how much people can hurt. I may make this into an anthology about people who are bullied but I'm not sure :)


1. Poem

My hands are muddied by a smear of melted chocolate,

So I rub them on my favourite pink dress but the stain doesn't fade.


Atop my head is soft black fabric which hides my hair,

But I am afraid to take it off because what would they say then?


Inside my bag is an imaginary gun,

Which the other children claim is there, but I can never find it.


Behind my eyes there is pain and worry and confusion,

And where a smile once was, there is now only a taut line of despair.


My back is splattered with dark, aching paint,

Which my Mother put there to teach me an important lesson,

Only it is a lesson which I never seem able to learn.


My fist curls up into a ball of tearful hatred,

And I look at the knife on the table

And I smile

Before I take it in my hands



























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