Rose is a 16 year old girl with a terrible past has moved to Viriginia in hope to get away from her past. What she doesn't know is that she can't get away from it because, it follows her everywhere she goes.
Join her on the adventure of love and pain.


2. More School

   I walk into the office and wait on the secretary, who's talking another student. When all of a sudden someone says," You must be Rose Hathaway."

   I turn to see a boy about my age who had silently walked up behind me and say," Yeah, and you are?"

   "Oh, sorry I'm Dimitri. I'm supposed to show you around today. I have everything you need, just follow me."

   I followed him until he stopped by a locker with the number 164. "This is your locker, your books and everything are in here. I made an extra copy of your schedule and taped it on the inside door of the locker. Grab your books and I'll walk you to your class."

   "Okay thanks. Let's go."

   "Where did you come from I hear a southern accent?"

   "Oh, I'm from Shreveport, Louisiana."

   "What made you come here?"
   "My new foster parents live here."

   "Oh, okay well here's your class. See you later."

   "Ok, bye."

   I walk in and find a seat that's closest to the back of the room. As I walk I see people staring and whispering to each other. 

   "Why does she have blue...."

   "What is she doing...."

   I finally get to my seat and open my Geometry book and notebook and got ready to take notes, when a shadow fell on me. I look up to see some barbie wanabe glaring at me. I do my best sneer and say,"What?" 

   "You're in my seat."

   "I don't see your name on it. So why don't you go sit in that desk up there," I said pointing at to the one in the front.

   "Who do you think you're talking to? Move it."

   I stood a  few inches away from her face and said,"I'm talking to some barbie wanabe who's gonna get her ass beat if she tells me to do something again."

   All to be heard was laughing and oh's. I smirked at her, she looked around embarrassed and sat in the front of the room. She and a group of girls who I guess who are her friends kept giving me looks. I just smile and flip them off, then pay attention to what Mr. Warren was saying. I space off after a while, then the bell rings. I leave and go to my locker and get my stuff for homework then make my way to my car. On my way home I text Cody:

                  Where do you want to meet~Rose

                  How bout I come pick you up and we can go to my place how does that sound-                  Cody

                 That's fine come get me in a hour~Rose

   I run up stairs and change into a neon blue crop top, black bikini, black skinny jeans, and neon red converse. I grab my phone, iPod, wallet, and skateboard and sit on the porch to wait on Cody. As Cody pulled up in a black Ford, Jay pulled into the driveway.

   Jay said,"Where are you going?"

   "To a friends house to do homework."

   "Okay be back by 12:00."  

   "Okay, by Jay. I'll call if I'm late."

   "Okay have fun, bye."

    I walk to Cody's truck and get in then say,"Wasup."

   "You look beautiful."

   I blush and say,"Thanks. Where do you live?"

   "Oh, um, I actually live down the street."

   "Hahaha thats great we can just walk to each others houses."

   He chuckled,"Yeah we could."

   Its quite for a few minutes until the song "She Will Be Loved" came on. So I started to sing along.

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