i cant choose

Bethany meets 1 direction at the grocery store when harry ask her out to meet the rest of the band but when she meets them they all fall for her who will win her heart? comment below who will win her heart


1. met him


i awoke this morning having a feeling in my stomach saying i need to go shopping for food so i got up picked out my black skinny jeans with my black and white converse i picked out my favorite t-shirt that had lace in the back i went in the bathroom and put the clothes on the counter UN-dressed and got in the shower 25 min later i got out and got dressed i walked down stairs and took a piece of toast with butter on ate it and went to grabe my purse when my phone rang



M:what are you up to

ME:gonna go shopping

M:can i come

ME:its just for food

M:oh well that's boring ill leave you to go shopping bye

ME:OK well bye

i grabbed my purse and got out of the door turned around and looked it (did i mention moriah is my bff that's the one i was talking to) i got in my car threw my purse over onto the passenger side and buckled up then started the engine.....minutes later i got at WALL MART and parked the car unbuckled grabbed my purse and headed inside i looked at my grocery list read

chocolate milk

orange juice

hamburger helper





strawberry awake







fish sticks


minutes later i was in the chips isle and my favorite ships were on the top shelf i was on the bottom shelf trying to get it when i felt a hand on my waist i looked up and saw someone was grabbing a couple bags i stepped off of the bottom shelf and turned around i gasped it was HARRY STYLES   he said with his Irish accent   love are you trying to get this   yes i am how did you know well those are my favorite chips and you were trying to get them down i figured i could help you     i said thanks then went back to my cart and started pushing it      he called after me    love you forgot this he handed me a yellow piece of paper and said tomorrow night at 6 meet me at the vig to meet the rest of the band ill pick you up  then he walked out of the isle   i gasp again thinking did this really just happen to me*************it was 12.00 when i finished shopping i got out to my car opened up my trunk and put the grocerys in i got done then went and put my cart in the cart return then walked back over to my car got in and put my purse in the passenger seat***************minutes later i got back to my apartment and carried in all the grocery's and put them away i decided to eat still exited that i had a date with harry and the band

i made some chilli and gobbled that down fast so i decided to watch PRETTY LITTLE LIARS  at 5.00 i decided to turn it off and go make some ice cream lets just say coffee ice cream is the best

after that i went and got on twitter Facebook and instagram it was fun then it was 6.00 i decided to go watch Melissa and joey i decided also to stop that at 8.00 then i started watching TV to  keep me busy.. i realized it was 10.00 at night so i shut off the computer and headed up stairs***********NEXT MORNING********i awoke to birds chirping and the sun coming in the window i got up and went into the bathroom i took a steaming HOT! shower it was amazing then i got into some sweat pants and a t-shirt after that i went down stairs and put  some bread in the toaster and put some coffee on it smelt so good i started to dream about what tonight was gonna be like then i realized i had his number witch was  taking me out of the dreaming i looked at the piece of paper then at my phone in my other hand i took a deep breath and started dialing



H:whom am i talking to if your a fan please do not call this number again

ME:its me the one you helped me out at the grocery store you got my favorite chips down from the top shelf

H:oh i was hoping you would call give me your address

ME:oh OK (i don't want to make one up so lets pretend i said one k)

H:see you in a little bye

ME:yup bye

minutes later i hear the doorbell ring ME hi H hi so can i come in uhh yeah yeah so wear is your bedroom up the stairs why? because im picking what you wear love! okay he went up stairs and started going threw my closet (MY MIND) (I HOPE HE DOSENT FIND THE DRESS I HATE) hey what about this dress  yeah that one is hmm fine (he found it) what do you not like it no i like it its just its to short  well love i like short dresses on hot girls like you  i can still wear it    im not gonna push you love  i will ill just go put it on right now k******minutes later i came out of the bathroom  harry       yeah love     i turned around and he was in my walk in closet      hear wear these shoes try them on      OK i put them      his mouth dropped into like an o shaped    i said what he said    i  i im just speechless   oh well hey we got to go babe    did he really just say babe to me i started blushing hoping that he wouldn't notice     here babe   he opened up the door   thanks   no problem babe he went around the car he got in and my hands were on my thigh he buckled up and started the engine but then the one actin he did surprised me he reached over to hold my hand*******he held my hand the hole way to the vig we got there 5.55 just in time i said   we have 5 more minutes babe he said we could mess around  no Hun we should go in there   you said Hun   yeah so    so you like me then he grabs my waist and put his hand on my face then kissed me it felt so amazing my body was accepting this  we were there kissing for a few minutes between kisses i said we should go in  OK fine but your sitting on my lap    OK Hun i will   we walked in and the rest of the band was not there  we sat down at a table and in comes in 4 guys 1 with black hair and 2 with brown and 1 with blonde

H:hey guys this is Bethany. Bethany these are the guys






Zayn so you are the hot girl harry was talking about       i looked over at harry and harry was giving Louis a death glare    we all sat down Louis sat down on the end Liam sat on the other end Niall and zayn at down on one end and harry and i sat down on the other end    zayn was looking at me and harry was looking at Zayn   Bethany you told me you would sit on my lap    i still can    i got up and sat on his lap Niall and Zayn weer giving harry a death glare it was a while  sitting on harry's lap he put his and on my thigh i looked at him and he gave me a smirk   by that smirk i knew what he was gonna do he started bring his hand down and down and then he reached the end of my dress witch he started putting his hand up my dress witch he reached  bass number 1 he poked it once and then he massaged it i ask the waitress for a beer and another

sorry about this chapter it would be awesome if you liked Favorited this and fan me more chapters coming  by the way i love my fans im here for you always


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