i cant choose

Bethany meets 1 direction at the grocery store when harry ask her out to meet the rest of the band but when she meets them they all fall for her who will win her heart? comment below who will win her heart


2. i did it plz move in


i awoke to the smells of bacon pancakes and eggs i got up  i had a little more hangover left but i got up slowly i looked around the room there were a guitar and three doors i opened one and it led to a closet and i shut that one i went over to the other one and opened it and it was a bathroom i decided to take a shower i got undressed and got in and put it on hot all they

way........i soon got out of the shower and put a towel around me then went into his room witch i didnt have anything to wear so i got a t-shirt of his it was a white v-neck i decided to just wear my underwear and bra under it after that i just ran my fingers threw my hair then went to the kitchen he was standing at the stove and turned around   her babe last night was amazing     about what part i asked    both he said    well it ain't gonna happen again    you know babe the more you protest the more i wanna do it with you     then he came over and rapped his arms around my waist  i felt one moving down slowly and slid under his t-shirt next minute he was pulling off the t-shirt   his mouth shaped up like an o what are you a boobs tip of guy   yeah he licked his bottom lip he some how took off my bra and under wear some how he got undressed his abs then he just got off of me and started getting dressed i started getting dressed to i said to him hey babe im going home k    why dont you spend the night     we just met each   please   fine ill stay the night    yay thanks yup but i have to get some clothes you can sleep naked    no babe     ok but   no   we watched so many movies that night hey babe im gonna go get some popcorn for our last movie ok he said ok   he came back with popcorn we watched the movie it was so funny we both fell asleep cuddly to each other i love you he said i lov you to he kissed me good night

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