The Magic Begins..

Amethyst Cahor
She lived with her Twin brother and the weasleys at the burrow
Witty Clever Sweet Random
She is the perfect mix for trouble
Follow her journey as she finds out the truth behind her parents death
and that she has relations that are still alive


2. Alex Cahor

Name:- Alex Hope Cahor

Age:- 11

Birthday:- 1st July

Family:- Madonna Hills ( mom ), Depertan Hills ( dad ), Brandon Hills ( twin brother ), Molly Weasley ( Aunt ), Arthur Weasley ( uncle ), The Weasley Kids ( First cousins ), Narcissa Malfoy ( very distant relationship )

Looks:- Bluish-Green eyes, Straight dark brown hair, very little freckles


Hey. The names Alex.

I'm 11 years old and I live with the Weasley's and my twin sister Amy. She says I'm ‘down to earth’ and ‘too practical’. But she's right I am quite sensible and practical. I'm not really into all these pranking and stuff. I like to focus on my studies and magic. Amy and I have all our differences and we may fight a lot but in the end she will always be there for me as she's knows I will be there for her. She's the best sister could ask for. I'm a little over-protective of her as she's younger than me ( Amy:- “ By 2 minutes only !!!” ). She’s quite fragile under that entire hyper and tough act. Aunt Molly says she's like fine china; a small drop could shatter her completely. Anyways, Back to me. I’ve heard people say how the Weasley's are really poor and can’t afford anything but I quite like living with them. You never know what's going to happen ;) also thers is something odd about us too;

We don’t have the trace so we can use magic :P

Who knows why?:P I like it ;)

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