Harry potter character profiles

A book with all of the Harry potter people in and there character profiles


5. A little thanks

 Okay, I know I've said this on my profile and my mumbles, but I NEED to put it again:

Harry: thanks for remaining strong when we couldn't be
Ron: thanks for always coming back
Hermione: thanks for having a good heart
Fred: thanks for the memories
George: thanks for finding humour when we could barely smile
Percy: thanks for believing in the power of family
Albus: thanks for lighting the way
Dudley: thanks for seeing kindness
Mr. and Mrs. Weasley: thanks for all you have sacrificed
Sirius and Remus: thanks for your loyalty
Rubeus: thanks for your undying compassion
Neville: thanks for your bravery
Luna: thanks for your wise words
Dobby: thanks for showing us the value of friendship
Severus: thanks for your love
And finally, to Joanne: thanks for my childhood.
I couldn't have done it without you, Joanne.
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