The Diary She Wrote

Kayden was barely thirteen years old when her world came crashing down. The one person she loved most in the world was kidnapped and subjected to gruesome torture for one long agonising year before her mutilated body was discovered in an abandoned warehouse.

When the police find the secret diary that Larissa diligently kept, they hoped nothing less than to bring a murderer to justice. However, once the diary was read they realised there wasn’t enough evidence to pinpoint just who the murderer was.

Three painful years go by and Kayden tries desperately to put her family back together and determine just who this psychopath is by reading her sister’s diary over and over again. When the crazed killer strikes again snatching Kayden’s best friends and subjecting them to the same torture, Kayden vows to unearth this sickening man’s identity in hopes of freeing her friends. Will Kayden find justice for the death of her sister? Or will she be subjected to the same fate and die?


1. Prologue

“K-Kayden put down t-the gun, w-we can s-sort this out,” He stuttered.


“You want me to drop the gun and let you go free? You murdered her you bastard!” I yelled


“I-I didn't mean to, it was a-an accident yeah?”


“Oh really? So why are you shaking with fear? Why is your forehead dripping with sweat? You're not as innocent as you seem.” I spat.


I watched him cower away from the 9mm which was pointed towards his head. I was ready to pull the trigger but I needed to hear how Larissa died. Did she die a slow painful death or was it quick? Those two questions meant more to me than my life did. I want to make him die the same way!


“L-Look I'll tell you h-how she d-died,” He stuttered, “J-just p-put the gun down.” 


“Alright then you bastard, make one mistake and I won't hesitate to blow your brains out!”


“No! You c-can't, th-that's my dad!” I turned around to face her, she was on the floor with her hands tied behind her back. I roared with laughter at the state she was in. She had gone behind my back and hid the murderer’s identity, who would've known the lying bitch would be linked to Larissa’s death. I put the safety lock on the gun and tucked it into the front pocket of my jeans.

“Ha! The same father who raped and beat you up, he still means this much to you?” I watched her contemplate what I stated.


“D-don’t listen to her, I didn’t mean it baby girl, p-please forgive me.” Her father pleaded.


“Oh you meant it alright, you’re only cowering away because of the gun, you must have felt like a big man when you had Larissa begging on her knees for you to let her go,”


“N-No that’s not true, I-I loved her. S-She wasn’t meant to die!”


“Kayden please just let him go, the police will deal with him,” His daughter begged, I looked at her tear stained face, my blood boiling at her stupidity.


“The police don’t do shit all! The murderer was right in front of our eyes and he got away, I’m going to put an end to this bastard!” I shouted, my voice echoing through the warehouse. The exact same warehouse where the heartless cunt murdered the one person I loved. One by one, he had taken everything away from me. He didn’t even need to try hard to ruin my life either. I wiped my tears away eager to get to the bottom of this. “H-how did Larissa die?”


“We... we made love and sh-she was bleeding a lot, she fell unconscious and d-didn’t wake up again.” He sobbed, I watched him fall down on his knees, his loud cries of sorrow and Larissa’s name repeatedly being uttered from his mouth had me cursing in anger. I pulled the gun out from the front of my jeans, taking the safety lock off, I aimed the gun at his head.


“No! You can’t kill my dad, y-you’re not like him, y-you’re not heartless,” His daughter yelled.

“Are you sure about that? Let me just show you how easy it is for me to blow your worthless, pathetic fathers brains out!” with that said I pulled the trigger, my arm jolted as a loud gunshot echoed through the abandoned warehouse.

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