Marry You

Ashley and Zack has been together for 2 years but they haven't kissed yet! Ashley feels that without this, they won't be a real couple, and her friends agrees. But Zack who's obsessed with his band doesn't really notice what Ashley wants.

(This is my first movella, and I would love to get feedback. I know that there may be grammatic errors, so please tell me if you find any! Most of all thank you if you'll take your time to read this little story)


7. 7

"Number 16! Jesus christ, how many bands are playing?!" Jessie shouts.

Selena giggles, then puts a finger up to her mouth."Shh! We have to be patient!"

'Doomed' is Zack's band, and they'll perform as the 16th. The 5th band is currently performing now, with some crappy heartbreak song. Jessie doesn't even try to hide her yawning. My legs are uncontrollably shaking. Selena notices and softly gives me an elbow in the side.

"Can't wait for loverboy to get up there?" She laughs, and winks at me.

"..Well, I don't think we're together anymore.." I attempt to say, but I don't think she hears it.

Number 5 is finally done with their crappy song, and it's time for the 6th band to play. The announcer starts speaking..

"Thanks to "Loving Doves", and here is the 6th ba-"

..but he's interrupted by a brown haired dude that takes the microphone away from him. He's wearing skinny jeans, and a black v-necked t-shirt. He looks like someone from a rock band.. He looks like Zack.

"I'm.. so, so sorry. But I just can't wait.. Ashley, I can't sing.. But umm.. The band has also practiced this song, and it's for you.. so.. I hope that we're okay..By the way, I hope you can tolerate my singing, cause I feel like it's the only way I can show you how I feel.."


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