Marry You

Ashley and Zack has been together for 2 years but they haven't kissed yet! Ashley feels that without this, they won't be a real couple, and her friends agrees. But Zack who's obsessed with his band doesn't really notice what Ashley wants.

(This is my first movella, and I would love to get feedback. I know that there may be grammatic errors, so please tell me if you find any! Most of all thank you if you'll take your time to read this little story)


1. 1

It's Monday. Everyone hates Mondays, but I absolutely love this day of the week. Today is the day Zack is having band practice, and I'm invited to listen, every Monday! Zack is my boyfriend and we've been together for 2 years. People say we look adorable together, and most people wants to have a boyfriend like me. But they're mistaking about something.. Me and Zack isn't really a real couple.. Or yeah, we are lovers but the truth is.. We haven't even kissed yet!



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