Holding Onto Independence (Harry Styles Love Story)

A small town girl. Biggest boyband in the world. Laughter. Joy. Heartache. Independent. Tragedy. Dreams. Love.
That is just a few words to describe my life. And let me tell you, when tragedy strikes, don't stop, just keep on going ~ Marion Alexander.


2. Meeting The Boys

It was yet another rainy day in Edinburgh. And just my luck that it would start raining as I was getting off the bus, now my hair is completely soaked and ruined after I spent an hour straightening out my bedhead. Oh well, it's just Barry and I running the salon today so I'll get him to fix it for me and make it look fabulous, I can never manage to make my hair look good but he is a genius with hair so I know that he can do it!

"Morning" I said with a fake cheeriness when I walked into the salon, "Jeez girl, what happened to your hair?" Barry asked, a hint of humor in his voice, I walked to the back room to hang up my coat and bag. When I stepped back to the front Barry was already setting up straighteners, a hairdryer, hairspray and styling wax, I smiled, he knows me too well. As soon as I sat down at a styling station Barry was onto my hair quicker than Grease Lightning. Blow drying, straightening, then twisting and turning it into some sort of style, I honestly don't know how he manages to do anything with it, it may be a bob and all but even I can't do anything with it, whenever I try, it just stays flat and lifeless. I have tried growing it out to get it long again but I just don't have the patience for that. Barry stopped pulling and tugging at my hair and blasted the hairspray through it, I looked up into the mirror, my hair kind of looks like Zayn Malik's right now, obviously a lot longer than his at the sides and back but the fringe in a quiff sort of thing. I like it. I walked over to the reception desk where Barry was now sitting, "Any word from your parents?" Barry asked out of the blue, he already knew about their absence because I accidentally let it slip when we were talking a few weeks ago, "Nope, still a no show", I don't know why it still stung but it just did, nobody deserves to be without their parents and mine aren't even dead so technically I shouldn't be but I suppose that's life. Time to change the subject I think, before I burst into tears.  "So how many clients are there today then?" I hope it isn't too many, I really don't want to be dealing with rude clients today. Barry looked at the computer before answering "Five, they should be here in about 10 minutes", only five? That doesn't seem right. And are all five coming into the salon, at the same time? I shook my head, deciding to think nothing of it. I leaned against the desk with my back to the door, I sighed, I really don't want to be hear. I closed my eyes and I was on a stage, surrounded by millions of people who looked up to me, who saw me as an idol, who came to see me just to hear me sing. When I opened my eyes I was still in the salon at work, much to my disappointment. Barry looked at me and instantly knew what I was thinking about, "Why don't you try posting videos up on YouTube?" I chuckled, it wasn't actually funny but it's my go-to response when I think someone is saying something stupid, "I already tried, and the most views that I ever got was 15 in about 2 months"
"Exactly!" I replied "The fact is that nobody wants to hear me sing. At all.", that stung even more than my parents not being at home.
"Well, surely at least one Tom, Dick or Harry will want to hear you. I mean you have an amaZayn voice!" I frowned and looked at him strangely. Why the hell is he emphasizing the names Harry and Zayn? I continued to look at him and he had what seemed to be a strained smile whilst he not very subtly jerked his head towards the direction of the door. I turned around and immediately wished that I hadn't, it wasn't bad or anything, in fact it was freakin' perfect, they were perfect but they came at the wrong time because they obviously heard me say that stuff about my singing, and I can tell just by looking into their eyes that they now want to hear me sing. Perfect. "Barry? Where are you going?!" I asked in panic as he tried to slip out the front door, he looked back at me and winked and then he was gone, traitor. "Uh.. Yes boys? How can I help?" my voice was all shaky, why did it have to be these five?!
"We have an appointment." oh gosh, that Irish accent! Sounds so much better in person.
"And um, w-what are your names?" *face palm* What did I ask them that for? I already know their names! Great, just great. Now, they're gonna think I'm pathetic and stupid. This day = ruined!
"Louis Tomlinson" I jerked my head up, I expected them to make me guess, but they had genuine smiles on their faces. This is just weird. I looked up his name and ticked off the "checked in" box.
"Liam Payne" I did the same for him too.
"Zayn Malik" tick.
"Niall Horan" another tick. My pencil hovered over the client book, waiting expectantly and if I may add with butterflies flying around in my stomach. Just waiting for that one voice that I so badly wanted to hear. But it didn't come. I looked up into those green eyes, and I was just lost. Liam broke the connection by nudging him back into life, he blinked, cleared his throat, rubbed his neck awkwardly, looked at me again and told me his name.
"Harry Styles"

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