Holding Onto Independence (Harry Styles Love Story)

A small town girl. Biggest boyband in the world. Laughter. Joy. Heartache. Independent. Tragedy. Dreams. Love.
That is just a few words to describe my life. And let me tell you, when tragedy strikes, don't stop, just keep on going ~ Marion Alexander.


1. Marion Alexander

My name is Marion (nickname Minnie). I live in Edinburgh, which is pretty boring because nothing exciting ever seems to happen. Although, there was this one time when Lee Evans did a book signing and Bon Jovi performed at Murrayfield Stadium... But apart from that, nothing out of the ordinary.

Anyway, I work at a hairdressers called Philip Politi as a Junior Assistant. I hate it. This isn't what I want to be. I want to be on stage, performing in front of millions of people, getting them enthralled with my voice. But that will never happen. I mean there isn't exactly any recording studios or record company's in the vicinity of where I live. So that's why I'm stuck in this hairdressers, shampooing other peoples hair and getting orders barked at me by the stylists. It isn't how I see my life.

Well, instead of rambling on I should probably tell you something about me, at least. I'm 18, my birthday is the 24Th of March so I am pretty close to the big 19. I don't have that many friends. Okay fine I don't have any, well apart from Barry, he's one of the stylists at work, I wouldn't really call us friends though because we never hang out but he's always there for me if I need someone to talk too. My parents are always working so I never get to see them, which makes me sad because that means I'm always home alone with no one to talk too or keep me company.

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