Beast: The New World

19-year old Zero Dyllian heir to his fathers successful company, don't feel ready for the pressure and is constantly getting hunted by people that want money. But one day something unusual happends, what will he do to his future?

Fantasy Guy: tanyya from fanpop:


3. Where am I?

I fell. I knew I would hit the street full of people, that would be to busy to look up and see the falling guy. I knew I would die, but that's when i got surprised. Instead of hitting the hard and cold street, I fell into water. Water?! WTF?! I tried to scream, but screaming does not work very well under water. I felt the salty water fill my lungs, but I had to fight for my life. It was insanely heavy to swim in a suit, but i came into land and started trowing up water. Never have I tried anything that painful. When was done throwing up the water, i stood up. I was still a little dizzy after all the water, but i had to focus.I looked around, i wasn't in New York anymore. I was in a dark creepy forest, I've never been in before. The forest was creepy, but at the same time beautiful. It looked like something from a fairy-tale. How did I end up here? I fell from a skyscraper right? 

I was slowly starting to calm down, but then something interrupted me. "Who are you?" A voice said from the deep forest. "Ze-Zero Dyllian. Who are you?" I said nervously. "Are you scared of me?" the voice said. It couldn't hear if it was a male or female voice, but I somehow found it attractive. "Th-That depends." I answered scared of what would happen next. "I see. I caught a genius!" And the owner of the voice, a young beautiful girl about my age, stepped forward from the forest. She was dressed in a black belly top with a shoulder-pad on her right shoulder and a black collar. To that she were wearing a pair of black semi-leather pants with chains all over them, one long leg and the other cut off at the lap, like shorts. And of course a leather glove on her left hand and some boots. Why would anybody dress like that, she looks like a jungle-girl?! "always nice to meet new awesome people. I'm Mayjah." She said smiling, flashing her sharp teeth. Why does she have sharp teeth? I mean seriously!  "Well, nice to meet you Mayjah. Can you tell me the way to New York? I have to get home soon." "Heh, Well you can't..." She said giggling.

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