Beast: The New World

19-year old Zero Dyllian heir to his fathers successful company, don't feel ready for the pressure and is constantly getting hunted by people that want money. But one day something unusual happends, what will he do to his future?

Fantasy Guy: tanyya from fanpop:


7. Vampire trouble

We were done hunting and on our way home with three rabbits. I'm glad I were used to hunting from home, we just used a rifle. Mayjah is really amazing, she killed those rabbits only with her teeth....  I got pulled out of my thoughts when Mayjah suddenly stopped. I looked questioning at her and she whispered really low: "Run." "what are you talking about?" I said, maybe a little too loud, cause when I turned around a tall Vampire guy stood in front of me. But he wasn't looking at me, he looked at Mayjah. One more challenger? 

He was dress in a black tight shirt and matching cape and pants. His hair was grey, not old-man-grey but Hey-what's-up-girl-grey. He had earring in his left ear and a long necklace around his neck. He had a big mark on his neck and his upper hands, it was the same sign on the hands but not on his neck.

"Mayjah.... Long time no see." He said and walked over to her, Mayjah just turned her head away. Who is this guy anyway? "Have you slept well these nights, with beautiful fullmoon?" He said, a evil smirk forming on his lips. Mayjah just looked at him in disgust while he walked around her. She's so strong, why don't she just kill him?... 

"But you know -" He leaned down to whisper in her ear: " - it's your own choice." He said and disappeared. "Let's go." She just said walking fast in the direction of the mansion. I pulled her hand to stop and she looked back at me with annoyed eyes: "What?!" 

"who was that guy, what was he talking about." I said, not planning on letting her soft hand go. She sighed and stopped trying to escape. "It's asho, a mean guy that cursed me-" She pulled of the glove she had on her hand and showed me her palm. The were a big curse-mark. It was a cross under the moon, caught up by chains. "-The curse makes me go insane every night, the bigger the moon is the worse it is. And I can only get rid of it by becoming Asho's servant and 'bride'. And the worst part of it is that I can't fight him, if i do i'll obtain the pain, because of this curse." She put on the glove again, clearly embarrassed by the mark. "What do you mean 'bride'? You have to marry him?" I said, my heart beating fast. Why does my heart beat so fast? "Bride is the only person that gives their master blood. Asho is a vampire."

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