Beast: The New World

19-year old Zero Dyllian heir to his fathers successful company, don't feel ready for the pressure and is constantly getting hunted by people that want money. But one day something unusual happends, what will he do to his future?

Fantasy Guy: tanyya from fanpop:


5. Upstairs Fire

She placed a big plate on the table with porks. It looked really delicious. She sat down beside Sky and we started eating. After a couple of silent minutes I said: "how did you get this castle? Wasn't it expensive?" "Hehe, in the Alpha World we don't pay for the houses, we fight for them. So if you see a houses and nobody lives there, you can just take it. But if somebody lives there, you have to fight for it." She just laughed. "So I guess it was Sky that fought for this house?" "No! It was me, Sky wasn't strong at that point." She said. I giggle. Sky just looked pissed at me. " hey sweetheart, why did you cook the meat?" Sky asked. "Because Zero can't eat it raw, he'll get sick." Mayjah said looking at Sky like it was obvious. "Heh, loser." He giggled looking at me. But he didn't smile for along time, cause Mayjah punched him in the face, so him fell down. "Is he okay?" I asked worried. Wait, why did I even worry about him? "Nahh, he'll be fine." She said relaxed. "Let me show you your room!" She said excited and pulled me out in the big hall. Her hands is so soft, and so warm. I the hall there was an enormous stairway. I can't believe I'm going to live here! Up the stairway, was amazing! It was like a big balcony, you could look downstairs, and there was a lot of dark-brown doors. I must have been looking around, because Mayjah said: "you'll get plenty of time to see what is behind the other doors, but right now you need to see your room." She kept on pulling my hand while almost running towards a white door. I saw that it was the only white door, it kinda freaked me out in some way. We stopped right in front of the door and she said: "I'm sorry if the room is to small, but you got your own bathroom too." She smiled and opened the door. Oh my god! This room... I was just standing there, stunned. It was a giant bedroom with white and some orange interior. It looked like an angels home, white walls and floor, white and a little orange furniture, the bed was white with orange blanket and pillows. Mayjah looked at me: "I'm sorry if you don't like it but the other rooms... Kinda aren't ready for guests yet." She smiled and scratched the back of her head. "N-no, this is amazing I really love it! Thank you so much for having me" I said and bowed. Why did I bow?! Why am I this awkward?! "Eh... Y-you want to see the bathroom?" She asked a little surprised by my bowing. I nodded and followed her to the door across the room, of course a white door. We walked in and I looked around in the big white and grey room. In the middle of the grey room, was a big bathtub. And there was a couch and a table in here as well. Do they expect me to live in here? "Well if that's all, I'll go down and check if Sky has woken up. And by the way, this room is not as boring as it might seem." She said with a wink and left. When I heard the door close, I ran into the bed and jumped onto it. It was amazingly soft. I laid onto my back, looking at the ceiling as I was thinking. "This room is not as boring as it might seem" what does that mean? Could she mean?... No Zero don't think dirty like that!... Hm... Maybe there's some secrets in here? I got up from the bed and started to look around. On one of the Wall there was a candle, i tried pulling it and the big wardrobe slide to the side. There was a short hallway, that ended up in a big room. I slowly walked through it, being a little scared. I came into the big room that seemed like a library. There were swiftly couches and bookshelves against the walls, in the big squared room. In the middle of the room was a open fireplace, with shining blue fire. Just to make sure I, I put my hand in the fire. "What do you search, Master?" It suddenly came from the fire and I jumped back but kept my hand in the fire. "W-wha-what are you?" I said scared like hell. "I'm the flame of knowledge, but you can call me Kamer. This is my library, tell my what you search and I'll give you the book. There's only 2 rules; don't turn out my flame and keep the books in this room. Then I'm at your service, Master." Kamer said. That's what she meant by it. "Kamer, I want to know about the relation rules in the Alpha World." I ordered immediately. "Have Master fallen in love with Mayjah, huh?" As I heard it I blushed: "of course not, I'm just curious. Please bring me the book, Kamer." I almost shouted. "As you wish, Master" He said and a flame slung to one of the bookshelves and picked a rusty red book. He handed me the book and a went to a couch and sat down. I swiped over the pages to find what I was searching for. I stopped at the page and started to read. But it doesn't make any sense. I looked up Kamer: "Kamer, the book says that it's illegal to be in a relationship for pureblood creatures, but Mayjah is a pureblood. How does that make any sense?" "Correct, Master. But since Mayjah is a pureblood, and beasts are getting more and more rare, she is way stronger than half bloods. It's very hated as a pureblood to get in a relationship with a other race, and Mayjah has often gotten hunted for that. But Mayjah is well know as a master-skilled killer and many is scared of her. But it's still far from everybody that is afraid of her, she often get attcked or challenged to fight."

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