Beast: The New World

19-year old Zero Dyllian heir to his fathers successful company, don't feel ready for the pressure and is constantly getting hunted by people that want money. But one day something unusual happends, what will he do to his future?

Fantasy Guy: tanyya from fanpop:


4. The Mansion

"You can't get home right now, you have to wait till next full moon." "Okay I didn't see that come. You're obviously escaped from a institution." "Hey, I know this may seem weird for you, but it's true." The young strange woman said. "Prove it!" I almost yelled. I felt so confused. Mayjah took her hand in the direction of me and I looked focused at it. A flame appeared in her hand. I was chocked. What the hell was that, just now?! "Touch it and you will see that this isn't your world." I looked at her. Yup, she's crazy. I slowly put my finger in the flame, without losing eye contact with her. I were confused, it wasn't hot at all. It actually was cold. I pulled my finger back and looked at it. How? "See. In this world, fire is cold. And by the way didn't you notice that the water is crystal blue?" I looked at the water, she was right. It was really light blue. "You'll get eaten out here so come home with me. I can take care of you to the next full moon. " she said and smiled. I followed her, confused. We walked through the forest, that didn't seem that scary now. Deep inside the forest, we came to a old mansion. It was Beautiful but looked like it had been surviving a war. Plants were growing up the rustic stone walls. We walked towards the giant front door. Mayjah grabbed the two doorknobs and pushed the doors up. We stepped into the big and beautiful hall. My heart could jump out of me chest anytime by now. Inside, it looked like a amazing castle, but outside... I looked amazed around, while we continued walking. "Where are we going?" I said, when i came back from my daydreaming. "To the kitchen, bet you're hungry after figuring out that you are in a new world." She grinned. We turned right and walked into the big white kitchen and dinner room. Almost all the furniture were in a white tone. Some were grayish. She pulled out a chair, to make me take seat. She sat down on the other side of the black, mirror shining table. " I really didn't expect you would live just like us in this world. By the Way why is it called the Alpha World?" I said. "Hehe, fun story, you know. In this world humans don't exist, except for those who fall through the portal. It's only animals and other creatures." She said smiling, flashing her sharp teeth. "W-what creatures?" I said getting nervous by the view of her sharp teeth. "Devils, Angles, Demons, Vampires, Mermaids and Beasts. All of the kinds has good and bad individuals." I were confused. What the fuck?! "Then... What are you?" I said a little scared.

She just smiled: "I'm a Beast." "Good or bad kind?" "Hehe, all Beasts are neutral. That means that we can be both, it kinda change from time to time. But mostly I'm good." She smiled. I'm not sure if it were a good or a bad smile, but I'm sure just a Little paranoid because of the shock. I didn't know what to say. "Well, I'm going to make some food for you. What do you want?" "Eh... Whatever you got." I just answered. I were to for used of thinking. Mayjah went to the fridge and looked inside it: "Hmm... I guess you don't eat meat raw, so I will just cook it." What?! Raw meat?! Then I heard the front doors slam. My heart is sure going to explode. A tall blond guy stepped into the kitchen. He Looked strong but not pumped. He was wearing a black blazer with one long sleeve and the other cut off at the shoulder. Underneath the blazer, he didn't wear anything. Except for a six pack. To that he were wearing a pair of knee short harem pants. He had sharp teeth as well. I already hate him. He walked straight over to Mayjah and kissed her soft looking lips. "Why are you wearing lipstick?" Mayjah asked and licked her lip. "It's not lipstick, it blood. I just ate on my way home." He answered. Huh?! Blood?! Ate?! "Are you vampire?!" I said, mentally face palming myself for asking. He turned against me: "who's she?" "I'm a guy, asshole!" I yelled angrily, and stood up. He looked at me and were on the way to step closer, but then Mayjah stopped him. "Hey, back off! Both of you!!" She yelled and pointed the kitchen knife at us. "Sky, this is Zero. A guy from the human world, he fell through the portal and I've promised him that he can live he to the next full moon. Zero this is Sky my boyfriend. And no he's not a vampire, he's a third-rank demon. And a demon is half human half animal, which means that he can shift between human and animal. But if demons see or smell fresh blood they immediately turn into a animal, but the higher rank they are the more control they have. Each demon has a different animal shape, Sky's is a panther. Now both of you, shut up and deal with that you will live together for some time." She finished and turned back to her cooking. I looked at Sky who looked at me with a pissed look. It got a little scared by his look, so I looked at Mayjah: "Do beasts and demons drink blood?" I asked to think about something else. But before she could even answer, sky stood right behind her and smirked at me. Then he kissed her neck, but when he moved away there were blood left on her neck. "Sometimes." He just said and licked it away. "Well, we don't need it but drink from their partner to show love." Mayjah said, looking at Sky with a smirk. He kissed her and got back to his chair. He looked at me with a provoking look in his eyes. He's such an asshole! Why do he have to be all lovey-Dovey with her in front of me?! Wait, what?! I don't like Mayjah like that.

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