Beast: The New World

19-year old Zero Dyllian heir to his fathers successful company, don't feel ready for the pressure and is constantly getting hunted by people that want money. But one day something unusual happends, what will he do to his future?

Fantasy Guy: tanyya from fanpop:


8. Burning Reseach

I stood there in my bedroom, walking restlessly back and forth at the end of my bed; "That guy... I might not be from this world but it's common sense that Vampires can't put others under magical spells... I need Kamers help." And with that I walked towards the wall and once again pulled the candle. I walked down the small hallway, directly to one of the couches. I sat down, crossed my legs and looked at the fire in front of me: "Kamer, I need your help. Mayjah is under this curse she got from this vampire-guy called Asho. But I just don't believe that he's vampire. How can a vampire use spells?" Kamer let out a thoughtful 'hmm' and scratched what i think was his chin. He then finally said something: "Did he have any marks?" Of course!  The marks must mean something!! "Yes he had this mark on his neck. It looked like a flower..." Kamer then grabbed what i think was a book about the creatures, and started turning the pages in a fast movement. "Did it look like this?" He said, showing me a mark. It was a lotus flower in a big drop. Yes, That's the mark! Exactly! "Yes! What does it mean?" "It means that he's a pureblood vampire. But purebloods can have special powers, that doesn't seem to be powers that a vampire could tame. Did he have any other marks?" 

I then had to think back really carefully to remember how it looked like. A flower?.. No that was the other mark. A moon?.. No that was Mayjah's mark. hm... Could it be... A star?... Yes, a star! That's it!! "It looked somehow like a star, in a circle i think..." I said, a little insecure. Kamer again started to turn the pages. But then stopped, he looked at the page for a long time, but then shaked his head and turned the pages again. "Here!" He then said and turned the book to me. It was the exact same mark as i remembered. "This mark means that the carrier has big demonic powers, witch means that he can cast spells over people that will change their way of acting. The curses will make them act from their demonic side, the evil and uncontrollable side, but only at special time periods." 

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