What's on a boys mind?

This storie was actually an assignment for an English lesson.
I'm sorry for the typing erros, but, I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.


2. Silence

I’m sitting in my room. Waiting. However, there’s nothing to wait for, because… what was worth waiting has past… Maria knocks on my door. Opens it quietly. I see she’s looking at me, without looking at her. I close my eyes, and fade into my memories. I see her face… her shining eyes. It feels like I can touch her, but she is already far away. Far, far away, and I will never see her brown smiling eyes again. When I open my eyes, Maria is sitting right next to me. She lays a hand on my shoulder, like if she wants to ask me something, but not a sound slips her lips. I can’t look at her right now… I’m not ready. I know she will be sorry for my loss, but from her eyes she will be screaming, “I told you”. The mixed thoughts scares me, and I feel my body make a quick shake, like if I was trying to wipe them away. She slowly lets her hand follow my shoulders, until she is holding me. I let myself fall into her arms, but I’m still not looking into her eyes. Instead, I close them again.

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