Heartbreak Girl [Calum Hood Love Story]

Everyone has at least once, loved someone they couldn't have. Whether that be a celebrity, or a kid at your school. What you don't see happen quite a lot is your best friend falling in love with you. How do you deal with that? I've known Calum since I was 5. But I never knew he was in love with me. The biggest question is, how do I feel? Do I love him? Or is he JUST a friend to me? This is all so complicated. I wish someone else fell in love with me, then Calum would be able to help me.

-Raven Cresty


2. Chapter 2

It was finally Friday. To most people Friday was just as bad as monday. Depending on whether you had good classes or bad classes on that day. Calum had bad classes. But that wasn't what Calum always looked forward to. It was seeing Raven. It had officially been a week since Calum pushed Raven to talk to Brodie, and in a matter of two days they were dating. Calum couldn't lie to himself, he did wish the date went bad and they wouldn't talk to each other ever again, but that didn't happen. It had also been a week since Calum had spent any quality with Raven, and he was starting to get a little worried. Could Brodie possibly be pulling Raven away from Calum? If so, Calum had to deal with that as soon as he could. But today would be the day Calum would get his quality time with Raven. He had to. It was tradition. Calum slammed Ashton, his best friends, door shut, in attempt to hastily wake him up. But the attempt failed and Calum opted for jumping on him. Fortunately, that worked and Calum just had to urge Ashton to hurry up.


Ashton was in the band, 5 Seconds of Summer, with Calum and the other boys, Luke and Michael. Also known as 5SOS. Ashton was the drummer and had one of the worst sense of style. But he doesn't need to know that. Sometimes Calum would be embarrassed by Ashton's bad outfits, but he was his friend. He had to deal with it, no matter how embarrassing he was. Don't get him wrong, he was stylish in some ways, but he always wore this ugly shirt, and despite the constant complaints by his three best friends, Ashton refused to rid himself of the shirt. We're just trying to protect you, they'd say to him, you don't want to look back at your life and go 'shit, why did I even wear that shirt?', but still he wouldn't listen. It's an awesome shirt guys. Was his reply. In a few long minutes, Ashton was ready. They both made their way into the garage, hastily getting into Ashton's old-time holden and driving off. They spent most of the drive to school talking about useless nothings, sometimes about the band, on other times, it was about school. 


"So is Raven coming to movie night tonight?"


Ashton asked after turning into the school carpark. Calum shrugged with a worried look. Every week they had a movie night, the boys, Calum and Raven. But now that Raven turns down all of Calum's request to hang out, he wasn't so sure if she'd turn up this time. But it was tradition she'd go, she even said so. I'll never miss a movie night! It's our thing! She had said with promising eyes. Yeah, but what if you do? For a really stupid reason. Luke had asked her in a testing tone. He didn't seem to believe her. Raven had thought about that for a moment, then smiled. Why don't we make a deal? Unless we have a good reason, like you boys have a show, or something family related, or something school related, we have to have movie night. Otherwise we get to punish the person, or people who missed out. Deal? It was a great idea, if you thought about it. It gave all of them the opportunity to prank each other. Deal. They all replied at the same time. Unfortunately none of them had missed out on movie night since that night, well, yet. They were all just waiting for someone to break the deal, everyone had a plan. But they just needed someone to use it on.


"I really don't know. Brodie might want her to hang out tonight, so she might not."


Calum replied sadly, following Ashton's movements out of the car. Even Ashton, the clueless happy guy, could tell something was up. But Calum played it like there was nothing wrong. It's not like he was upset that his best friend, whom he's in love with, is ditching him for a jock who frankly is nothing compared to Calum. Brodie's not even in Raven's league, nor is he her type. So Calum has no idea why they like each other. At least Calum has the same interest as her, and he respects her, and he knows her, okay. So maybe he's a little bit jealous. But that means nothing.


"Just remind her about the bet."


Ashton urged, knocking the large school doors open with his shoulder and walking in. Calum following right behind him. Calum nodded, eyes searching for the girl who was most likely clinging to her boyfriend, better yet, sucking his face off. Either way, Calum found it disturbing. So when Calum heard his name come from that Angels voice, he smiled, happy she wasn't with her boyfriend. But then he turned around. And there she was, with Brodie's arms wrapped around her tiny waist. That should be me, he sung cheekily in his head. He won't lie, Justin Bieber was a great singer. That was the only thing that cheered him up at the sight.


"Hey Cal!"


Raven piped. Calum smiled.


"Hey Blondie."


Calum teased with that signature smirk of his. Raven only rolled her eyes, scoffing with the cutest smile.


"I'm not a blond, Cal! Can't you see that I'm brunette!"


She exclaimed with fake hurt.


"Yes, Calum. She's your best friend, the least you could do is notice her hair color."


Ashton joked. Calum rolled his brown eyes quickly landing back on Raven.


"Hi Brodie."


Calum greeted the boy claiming Calum's best friend as his own, by the glare he shot towards Ashton and Calum, they could tell he wasn't their biggest fan. Calum didn't mind though, the feeling was mutual. Even though he hated to say it, Brodie had done nothing wrong.


"Hey Calum. What's up?"


Brodie was a tall blond boy. Not as tall as Luke or Ashton, but taller than Raven. Mind you, who wasn't? He had jet black hair that was falling in front of his face like Ashton's. His green eyes stuck out like pink on green, on his pale white skin. For a Sydney kid, he was quite white. As usual they wore their uniforms. Compared to Raven's gorgeous looks, Brodie looked like a loser, even if he was the most wanted and liked guy in school. That didn't matter. Raven made him look ugly. It made Calum wonder what Raven made the boys and him look like… Maybe they looked like the perfect group, or maybe she made them look out of her league as well. He hoped it was the first one.


"Not much, you?"


Calum replied. Brodie shrugged, his lip slipping out as he did so.


"Same here."


And the small talk ended. That quick. Ashton leaned into Calum's ear, grabbing onto his arm.


"I'll meet you at the courtyard. It's getting awkward."


He whispered. Calum let out a low chuckle, nodded and waved to his best friend who disappeared around a corner. Then he sighed. Great, he thought, now I'm stuck with them. Not that he didn't want to be with Raven, it just meant he was the third wheel. It really sucked. They had talked for a while in the hallway, Calum desperate to avoid the topic of who he himself should date. Raven always had suggestions, but Calum didn't want to date anyone. No one was as amazing as Raven. Then the bell sang with that annoying tone it had.


"I'll see you at lunch."


Said Brodie before kissing her cheek. She smiled, nodding her head slightly and joining Calum's side.


"Okay babe, bye."




Calum waited till Brodie was out of earshot before speaking. Calum and Raven were in the same form class, so they spent most of their time together. But not in the breaks, not anymore.


"So are you coming to Luke's tonight?"


Raven remained silent.


"You missed out on it last week. It was awesome! We watched all these old disney movies and Michael ate wassabi. It was hilarious."


Calum tried his best to make her feel guilty for not attending, even though he knew it'd take more than making her think she missed out on Michael eating wassabi, when really they all complained to Calum for letting Raven miss out on their traditional movie night. She wasn't just important to Calum, all the boys loved her. More than she even knew. Raven let out a disappointed sigh.


"It took me a while to even decide on whether or not I wanted to go on the date, or hang out with you guys. I felt awful." She nudged Calum's rib. "But I promise I'll be there tonight!"She reassured him.


"You better! The boys will kill you if you aren't."


Said Calum.


"I promise."


With that, they went on with their day. Calum only had the slightest hope that Raven actually meant what she said. But he knew Raven, he knew how she lied. She'd bite her lip and play with her feet, but she didn't do that. So she definitely wasn't lying. He'd have to wait and see.


**At Luke's**


"Mate, is she even coming?"


Michael whined, stuffing his pale face into the bowl of popcorn. They had just made some and he was already half way through. After learning from past movie nights of Michael eating all the food, each boy made sure to bring at least two of everything just in case this happened again, and it did. And there was he fact that when Michael shared a bowl he'd stuff his mouth with food and then sprinkle the crumbs back into the bowl. That really disgusted all the boys. Calum slumped on the comfortable mattress and shrugged.


"I told you guys, if she doesn't turn up this time, it's because she's with Brodie."


Ashton groaned.


"You know, that guy is a real prick. You need to tell her to break it off with him."


He said, sitting next to Michael on the couch. Luke joined Calum on the mattress. Usually Raven would be in between them, but obviously not tonight.


"I can't tell her that! I'm the idiot who told her to go for it!"


He grumbled. Luke smacked the back of his head.


"Yes, you are an idiot."


Said Luke. Calum pouted, rubbing the back of his head. He knew he deserved it, so he didn't complain.


"Why the fuck did you do that for anyway? That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard!"


Exclaimed Ashton. Calum grabbed a handful of popcorn from Michaels bowl and shoved it in his mouth.


"I don't know, okay? I was trying to be nice, and for some strange reason I thought he was a nice guy. Not anymore."


Calum explained. Calum jolted when his phone vibrated in his pocket. He sighed as he read the text.


"It's Raven. She's not coming. Brodie wanted to take her out tonight."


Calum threw his phone away and it fell on the couch. Luke patted his back in reassurance.


"Well!" Michael piped. "I guess we finally have someone to prank!!" He cheered.


"She's gonna regret ditching us for that dick head."

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