Stay (Punk Niall)

(WARNING: May contain graphic sex scenes. 16+)
(My favorite name ever is Nora, I'm going to use it in this fanfic but I also used it in my other fanfic. "Shot at the Night" BUT the two characters have no involvement at all.)

Nora Dean is a smart girl with high hopes on her future. Heading to a new college taking the opportunity to be in a housing with 14 other people. She was brave going into this but didn't know what to expect. What happens when her thoughts on school and her self control and temper get doubtful when she meets a tattooed blonde Irish boy?


11. TEN

Nora's POV


When we pulled up to the house I got out of the car and walk towards the house the lights are on in the kitchen, I walked in Niall following me.

"Where have you two been?" I look over at the kitchen table and see Louis and Zayn.

Louis wearing a black tshirt and black Adidas track pants. Zayn wearing a black tshirt with a pair of black jeans and black converse.

"I just finished giving Zayn a lecture for being out too late." Louis says

"Why are YOU up?" I asked

"Zayn's motorcycle woke me up." He said

"You ride a motorcycle?" I asked

"Yeah." Zayn said I sat down across from them.

"So answer my question. Where were you?" Louis asked

"We were-" Niall finishes the sentence for me

"Out on a date." That wasn't really how I was going to say it but okay.

"A date?" Louis and Zayn say in union

"Why does it sound like they're so amazed?" I asked turning back to Niall who was leaning against the doorway.

"Because I don't date." Niall says

"You're the first girl I've brought out to dinner." Niall said

"Did he pay?" Louis asked I turned back towards them and nodded

"Did he open your door for you?" Louis asked

"Alight.. Stop" Niall said he walked into the room walking behind me and say beside me.

"What are your classes tomorrow?" I asked

"I have Geography, Gym, Art and English" Louis says I smiled happily I had every single one of my classes with Louis.

"Are you taking any special courses in gym?" I asked

"Just a football course" he said

"I can't believe it. I have all my classes with you." I said Louis chuckles

"Strange. Niall will be joining us in gym and English." He said

"What about you?" I asked Zayn he shrugged

"Zayn doesn't really do school." Louis said

"They let you in?" I asked he nodded

"My dad is the headmaster." He said

"Free housing?" I asked

"Yep, but half of the other people at this school skip a handful of their classes" he said

"That's how you met Darcy" Louis adds Zayn smirks

"Darcy?" I asked

"Yeah she was wondering campus and I saw her she gushed about how beautiful my motorcycle was and yeah." Zayn said Louis rolled his eyes.

That's when I heard the stairs squeaking a female dressed in black track pants and a tight black tshirt.

She took one look at us and sighed she shuffled over to the fridge. Opening it she took the orange juice carton and drank straight from it

"For fuck sakes Kelly how many times do I have to tell ty not to do that." Louis said

"Oh bite me Tomlinson" she said

"No thanks love, you're being a pig." He said

"I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole" she said

"Yeah. Just go back to your cave alright?" Louis snapped

"Whatever you want" she said putting the carton back in the fridge

"Now we gotta burn that carton." Louis says

"Yeah burn yourself while you're at it k?" She said

"Fuck you too Kelly." Louis said

She walks out her middle finger up towards Louis.

"Slut." Louis mutters

"That was random." I said

"That's been going on since those two were in elementary school." Niall says

"Elementary? How could have not made up already?" I asked

"There's nothing to make up for, we just haven't liked each other since the moment we met." Louis said

"Why would you stay in this house?" I asked

"I enjoy the banter." He said with a smirk

"That's strange.." I said

"What's even stranger is they've had sex a few times." Zayn says Niall laughs kind of like saying he remembers the times.

"You have?" I asked Louis smirks once again

"Yeah." He said

"How many times?" I asked he seemed like he was counting

"About.. Uh.. 4 or 5" he says

"When was the fifth time?" Niall asked

"The party a few months ago." Louis says

"When was your first time together?" I asked

"Grad night." He said

"You were like 14 then" I said he nodded

"I wasn't a good boy" he smirked

"When did you guys lose it?" I asked

"16" Niall says

"13" Zayn says my mouth fell open he laughed

"When did you lose yours?" Louis asked I bit my lip. Louis gasped

"You're a virgin?" He asked I nodded

"Holy shit" he said I felt Niall's eyes on me he knew.. Because that night I told him before I stormed away from him.

"Yeah, haven't lost that." I said

"Yet." Louis said looking over at Niall then me. I gulped

"So um after school I was planning on hitting the gym. Harry's coming too. Will you be making an appearance?" Louis asks Niall who looks over at me then shrugs. 

"So what time do classes start tomorrow?" I ask

"About 9..?" Louis says it sounds more like a question

"8." Niall corrects him I look over at him

"I need to be at my Medical class by the first bell or I'm thrown out." He says 

"You take a Medical class?" I asked

"Yep, Niall wants to be a doctor." Louis says 

"Why?" I asked truly curious 

"I um.. just don't like to see people in pain.." He said I nodded slowly not being able to help get that feeling that there was a different more detailed answer. 

"Good reason." I said he nodded

Zayn yawns from across the table and stretches his arms out purposely nudging Louis' head bring them back down. I giggled. Zayn stands up and looks us all over. 

"Well, I am off to bed. G'night." He said 

"Night." Niall says 

"Goodnight Zayn." I said 

"Goodnight Zaynie, Sweetdreams sweetheart!" Louis says blowing Zayn a kiss I laughed. Zayn shook his head smiling and retreated out of the room. 

I myself yawned.

"You tired?" Niall asked I shook my head 

"It's 10. We all have to get up at 6:30. We should all get to bed." Niall says

"Everyone except Zayn and Kelly" Louis adds 

"Except those two cause they're going no where. I'm going to bed. Goodnight you guys." He says he gets up and gives Louis a look before walking out of the room. 

I got up and walked towards the fridge. I took out the milk carton and poured myself a glass 

"Wait! Before you drink that.." Louis trailed off coming over to my side he looked at the carton examining the tab. 

"Check for lip gloss. If it has some Kelly has drank out of it if it doesn't.. she hasn't" He said he checked it 

"This one doesn't have any.." He said smiling down at me. 

"Good." I said 

I poured the glass and put the carton back. 

"I understand why Niall likes you so much now.." He said I turned looking at him again

"Why?" I asked eager to know

"Your innocent" He said 

"Innocent?" I asked 

"Fresh meat." Louis whispered I got chills from the way he said it, Fresh meat? What does that mean? I took a sip of my milk and nodded 

"Ok then" I said 

"Nora, He also likes you because you're hot-..beautiful." He changes his answer. 

"Thanks" I said 

"Anytime, If you wanna come to the gym with me and Harry tomorrow we could just leave together after class and meet him at his car." He says 

"The gym? Is it y'know co-ed?" I asked 

"Don't worry Hanna and Jess come too." He said 

"Jess? I haven't met her yet." I said 

"Don't worry she's cool." He said 

"Oh.." I said 

"So.. you're in?" He asked I nodded 

"Great! See you in the morning Nora" he said and pecked my forehead before leaving the room. 

I felt a tingle on my forehead. It was a sweet peck. I finished my milk rinsed the cup and put it in the dishwasher and walked up the steps. 

I changed into pjs and got in bed. Hanna had fallen asleep on her bed the blankets tugged up to her ears. I covered myself as well and shut my eyes. 

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