Stay (Punk Niall)

(WARNING: May contain graphic sex scenes. 16+)
(My favorite name ever is Nora, I'm going to use it in this fanfic but I also used it in my other fanfic. "Shot at the Night" BUT the two characters have no involvement at all.)

Nora Dean is a smart girl with high hopes on her future. Heading to a new college taking the opportunity to be in a housing with 14 other people. She was brave going into this but didn't know what to expect. What happens when her thoughts on school and her self control and temper get doubtful when she meets a tattooed blonde Irish boy?



Nora's POV

"I can't believe we're this late!" I said to Niall and Louis as we ran through the halls.

"It'll be fine!" Niall called up to me

Louis leaped up and touched the ceiling I laughed. Niall took off when we arrived at Louis and I's geography class.

Our teacher gave us a look.

"Louis and Nora.. You two are 20 minutes late." He said

"Sorry." I said but Louis didn't say anything he pulled me to our seat at the back of the class.

"We shouldn't have even came." He whispered to me

"You can't just skip class." I whispered he snorted

"How'd you even get into college?" I asked he smirked

"I fucked the supervisor." He said my mouth made an O.

"You did?" I asked

"Yeah. As for the others I don't know.. I guess we all got in different ways. They just put us all in a house to prevent issues." Louis said

"And me?"

"They needed someone to keep us under control." He said

"Well I'm not doing a very good job then.." I said he chuckled


After Geo Louis and I walked towards the gym. Louis nudged my arm and I looked up and the supervisor was walking down the hall an older woman..

"Hey Sheri." Louis said and winked she gave him a look.

"You are so bad." I said he laughed

"You haven't even seen nothing yet." He said Niall met us at the gym building and we walked in. I separated with them to go into the girl's change room.

I changed quickly into my uniform and walked into the gym seeing Niall and Louis and walking over to them.

"So I heard you know about Louis' acceptance story." Niall chuckled I smiled and nodded

"How'd you get in?" I asked

Niall smirked

"How?" I pushed

"I bribed someone to give me their spot." Niall said

"That's not that bad." I said

"And you.. You really thought you had to fuck the supervisor? Who is like 20 years older than you." I said

He smirked

"She's married too. 2 kids." Louis said I gasped but then laughed

"One of her sons is our age." Niall said

"That makes it worse!" I said

"There's more." Louis said looking at Niall who laughed

"What'd you do?" I asked

"I fucked her daughter." Louis said I gasped

"Oh my god! How old is she?" I asked

"17." Louis said

"You're 19 years old! That's illegal." I said he laughed and shrugged

"He just can't keep it in his pants.." Niall said Louis smirked

The teacher came in instructing us to lay out the wrestling mats.

Niall and Louis helped me rolled out one and we taped it down. The other students did the same.

"Alright, boys are up. Girls sit around the edges. You're watching today." I took a seat on the edge of the mat.

A few boys went and our teacher selected Niall and Louis. They got up and smirked at each other. Louis pulled his shirt over his head, Niall as well.

Girls wolf whistled and cheered like every time.

Louis and Niall started their match but after a moment of actually trying they started to full on fight rolling around laughing as they did it.

Our teacher blew the whistle yelling at Louis and Niall who were too busy laughing to care.

I giggled as they got up taking their shirts and heading back to the boys line up.

Authors note:

Hey guys sorry I haven't updated this in forever so I thought I'd update a chapter sorry it's short. :)

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