Stay (Punk Niall)

(WARNING: May contain graphic sex scenes. 16+)
(My favorite name ever is Nora, I'm going to use it in this fanfic but I also used it in my other fanfic. "Shot at the Night" BUT the two characters have no involvement at all.)

Nora Dean is a smart girl with high hopes on her future. Heading to a new college taking the opportunity to be in a housing with 14 other people. She was brave going into this but didn't know what to expect. What happens when her thoughts on school and her self control and temper get doubtful when she meets a tattooed blonde Irish boy?



Nora's POV

My mind was racing almost as fast as my heart was. Niall got a tattoo for me.. Something that would stay on him forever. Never in my life has anyone done something so sweet and if I dare say romantic. As I stared into Niall's eyes he looked worried I was going to be creeped out. I did the polar opposite what he thought I was going to do I grabbed ahold of his tank top and pulled his lips to mine. His hands dropped to my waist. I moved my hands to his cheeks my finger tips resting on his cheek bones the bottoms of the palms of my hands on his jaw-line. The kiss was slow and un-rushed like before. This kiss meant something. I slid my hands into his hair. I felt myself falling deeply in-love with this art canvas of a human being. Tilting his head to deepen the kiss I felt like I never wanted to leave his arms. I didn't want to leave him

Sadly, we had to pull away to catch our breath. Niall rested his forehead on mine. His hands locked together on the small of my back. 

"What are you doing to me Nora?" He whispered 

"I don't know, this is new to me too." I whispered back he parted his lips before kissing me again this time backing me into the wall. I liked the aggressive nature. Too bad it was broken too soon. 

"Niall? Nora?" Louis' voice traveled through the house. 

"In here Louis." Niall said stepping away from me. Louis opened the door walking in. 

"Everyone wants Tony's" Louis says 

"Really? Do I always have to be the one to go get it?" Niall grumbled 

"What's Tony's?" I said 

"It's a fry shack.. Down by the waters. They well He makes amazing fries. The only reason we send Niall down to get them is Tony loves Niall. He always gives Niall discounts because they used to race." Louis explains

"Seriously though Louis. Go get the fries if you want them." Niall says 

"Take Nora" Louis suggests 

"I'm up for it" I said

"Of course you are." Niall sighs. 


Walking down the steps Niall takes everyone's orders and we walk out getting into Niall's car he starts it. He reaches over and opens the glove compartment and takes out CDs he takes one out and puts the rest back. 

"What CD is that?" I asked 

"Quiet Riot" He says He slips it in and turns it up. The music immediately had that bang your hands on the dash feel to it but I restrained myself. Niall pulled out of the drive way. 

He rolled down the windows and pulled down the campus/neighborhood. Everyone stared at us as we drove by. 

Niall slipped on his raybands due to the bright sun. 

"So how far is this place?" I asked 

"About 20 minutes.." He said I nodded I didn't want to put an effort into a conversation that was to be yelled over Quiet Riot. 

Niall tapped his hands on the steering wheel. When we pulled out of the neighborhood Niall sped up the engine roared. I stared out the window until Niall started tapping my thigh. 

"What kind of music do you like?" He asked 

"I like The Fray and Coldplay.. A bit of Ed Sheeran." I said Niall rolled his eyes 

"Chick music." He said 

"Is not!" I defended my music

"Hey.. It is Nor.. I mean this is good stuff." Niall said gesturing to his radio.

"Are you serious?" I asked I imitated the singer "Bang your head!" I yelled 

"Great message this guy is sending along to his fans." I said sarcastically 

"Not every song has to be about break-ups and shit Nora." He stated 

"I know but they're just better songs." I said 

"I think they're boring." Niall said looking at me. 

"Ok Niall.. Eyes on the road." I said after realizing him raking my body. 

He smirked. 

"I was thinking of getting a new piercing what should I get?" He asked turning his music down a tiny bit. 

"I don't know what do you have done?" I asked 

"Well I have an eyebrow.. Snake bites." He said gesturing to the two piercings by his mouth. 

"And..?" I asked 

"I've got these small spacers.. Harry is getting his tongue done so I was probably gunna-" 

"No." I said cutting him off he looked at me 

"Absolutely not." I said He smirked 

"Then what should I get then my Queen?" He asked my stomach did a backflip. I shrugged 

"Why don't you come get one done?" He asked 

"Nope." I said 

"C'mon babe, I got a tattoo in honor of you at least get a piercing of some fort for me you'd look so hot." He said 

"I didn't ask you to get the tattoo" I said

"I know I did it to surprise you." He said 

"Well I was pretty surprised." I said he chuckled I reached over turning the music down to background noise. 

"Just get something like your nose or cartilage done and I won't get my tongue done." Niall said 

"Fine, I'll get my nose." I gave in he smiled

"Ok" He said

"Stop smirking like that!" I scolded him smiling and giggling.

"Wait.. Won't it hurt?" I asked

"No" Niall said 

"Oh, Ok" I said Niall turned his music back up I out my chair down laying on my side. 

"You feeling ok Nora?" Niall asked 

"Yeah" I said

"Ok. it just looked like you weren't feeling well." He said I didn't say anything after that. My ears were throbbing from the music but I hated admitting it but it was growing on me.. Like Niall.. 

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