Stay (Punk Niall)

(WARNING: May contain graphic sex scenes. 16+)
(My favorite name ever is Nora, I'm going to use it in this fanfic but I also used it in my other fanfic. "Shot at the Night" BUT the two characters have no involvement at all.)

Nora Dean is a smart girl with high hopes on her future. Heading to a new college taking the opportunity to be in a housing with 14 other people. She was brave going into this but didn't know what to expect. What happens when her thoughts on school and her self control and temper get doubtful when she meets a tattooed blonde Irish boy?



Nora's POV

It seemed I had just fallen asleep when my alarm clock started to go off. I sighed sitting up. I got up. I would shower in the bathroom across the hall. I quickly walked out of me and Hanna's room just as Niall was walking out of the bathroom, Lilac and Blonde hair messy and damp he had only black jeans on his Calvin Klein boxers popping out his shirtless chest. His tattoos came all the way up his arms and went across his chest and up covering his collar bones. 

"Hello? Nora?" He says I bring my eyes up to his he smirks 

"Back on earth?" He asked I nodded 

"I said Good morning" He said 

"Oh, Good Morning." I said shuffling past him he grabbed my arm pulling me against him he locked his lips with mine. I pulled away after a moment 

"I have to shower" I said 

"I'll join you" He says 

"You already had one" I said 

"You mean if I hadn't already had a shower you would have let me shower with you?" He asked with intrigued eyes. I felt my cheeks get warm 

"No.. I meant you already had one." I said his face dropped 

"I'll walk you to your first class today" He said 

"No, You said it yourself you have to get to your Medical class before the bell" I said 

"It's ok" He said 

"Ok" I said he nodded I turned and walked in the door of the bathroom taking one last peak out the door watching Niall's back disappear down the hall. I turned and walked towards the shower. 



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