Layne Carter has had a difficult past two years. After the death of her father and her mother leaving, she is left to raise her 11 year old sister. What happens when Layne comes in contact with the boy of her dreams?


1. One

*17black has just signed in*

Hello there handsome :) -- Anon95

I was just thinking about you gorgeous -- 17black

How are you? -- Anon95

I'm fantastic, and you? -- 17black

I could be better. --Anon95

Just think. Soon we're going to finally meet and I can hold you when you are feeling down. -- 17black

I can't wait for that day. I have to go. I have things to do. I'll message you later. --Anon95

*Anon95 has signed out*


I walked downstairs into the living room where my little sister Michelle was. I was the one in charge of her now. She was my responsibility. We lost our dad two years ago. Our mom was so devastated she turned to drugs and left us. She just walked out of our lives in the blink of an eye. We were left with the house, a car, and a debit card. She had left us a ton of money. We had always been pretty good off. I'm scared for the day that money runs out.

"Chelle. What do you want for dinner?" I asked. "And don't say Nando's. I'm not going there again."

"Can you make some lasagna?" She asked.

"I won't make lasagna. I'll go pick up some lasagna," I laughed. "I'll be back soon. Call me if you need anything."

I grabbed my Burberry jacket and scarf out of the coat closet by the front door. I walked outside and down the street to a shopping center that was nearby. Michelle's favorite Italian Restaurant was in there. 


I walked back home with the food in my hands thinking about everything. It is hard raising a kid when you are eighteen. Especially when they are only 11. I have to provide everything for Michelle. She always comes before I do. 

I was forced to grow up at such a young age because of my parents decisions. I wish things weren't that way, but they are.

I walked back into the front door of our home and locked the door behind me. I placed the box of lasagna on the table. I took my coat and scarf off and placed it back into the coat closet.

"Chelle will you get down two plates from the cabinet please?" I asked while preparing the rest of the table.

I scooped out lasagna and placed it on both of our plates. I sat her plate down in front of her and took her hand, "Let's say grace."

"Dear Lord, I thank you for this day and I thank you for everything you have blessed us with giving our situation. Please help us to get through this time and please help our relationship to continue to grow. In your name I pray, amen." 

"How was your day at school," Michelle asked.

"It was okay. It's school," I said laughing. "How was your day?"

"It was good. We got to watch a movie instead of doing work."

"Oh really? What movie did you watch?"

"Cinderella," she smiled. 

"I use to love that movie when I was younger."

"Do you think we can watch a movie later?" 

"Of course, let me clean up the table," I said. "Why don't you go get dressed for bed and pick out a movie while I clean."

I grabbed the plates off of the table and took them into the kitchen and sat them on the island in the middle of the room. I returned to the table grabbing the glasses and box of lasagna that was still there. I placed the lid on the lasagna container and put it in the fridge. I grabbed the dishes off the island and washed them off, placing them in the dishwasher.

I went back upstairs to my room and got ready for the night. I put on my favorite pair of yoga shorts and my Manchester United Soccer shirt. I got it at a game last year. I pulled my hair up into a messy bun, grabbed my phone, and returned downstairs. Michelle was sitting on the couch in her One Direction shirt I bought for her. She loves them, she was devastated when she found out they were taking a break. 

She handed me the movie she had picked out. Of course it was the One Direction movie, This Is Us. We have watched this movie a thousand times it felt like but I couldn't tell her no. I opened up the Chatter app on my phone and logged in. 

*Anon95 has signed in*

I have been talking to this guy for a while on the app. He lives close by but I don't know anything about him considering it is an anonymous app. I don't even know his name. We have had a real connection these past few months though.

Hello love. -- 17black

Hello. What's going on? -- Anon95

Oh nothing really. Just listening to music. What about you? -- 17black

I'm watching a movie with my sister. What are you listening to? --Anon95

Syndicate by The Fray. They are my favorite band. What movie are you watching? -- 17black

One Direction's movie This Is Us. lol. -- Anon95

I know someone that was in that movie lol -- 17black

Oh cool! -- Anon95

We need to meet soon. I can't take it anymore. -- 17black

I told you. We need to wait a little bit longer. I don't want to bring someone into my life that wouldn't be right for my sister to be around. -- Anon95

Pshhh. Please. Your sister will love me. --17black

And how would you know? haha -- Anon95

Just trust me on this one. -- 17black

Will you at least tell me your name? -- 17black

Layne. -- Anon95

*17black has signed out*


It was getting late. Michelle was already asleep beside me before the movie even went off. I turned off the TV and carried her up to her room. I laid her in her bed and tucked her in. I kissed her forehead, "Goodnight Michelle."

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. It was another message from 17black. I walked out of Michelle's room and into mine. I crawled under the covers with my textbook for AP Biology and my book we were reading for English 4: The Great Gatsby.

I hate reading this textbook. It isn't like I'm ever going to use this in life again. When do I need to use information on passive and active transport? I read the assigned pages and pulled my phone back out of my pocket. I had forgotten to message 17black back.


*Anon95 has signed in*

I'm so sorry! I forgot to message you back, I was putting my sister to bed. -- Anon95

It's okay. So what's up? -- 17black

Homework for my AP biology and AP english class. How about you? -- Anon95

Nothing. How is your sister? -- 17black

She's good. I just feel bad about our situation. -- Anon95

What do you mean? -- 17black

I can't give her everything she wants. Yes, I have the money, but I have bills to pay. I can't just spend it on her like we could when my parents were around. I have to make that money last until I get out of school. I can't work at night because I have no one to watch her. -- Anon95

I can't imagine how you feel, maybe something will work out with us and I can help you out with her. -- 17black

Thank you. It means so much to me.. wait you never told me your name. --Anon95

Louis --17black

Thanks Louis :) --Anon95

Can I tell you something? -- 17black

Of course. -- Anon95

Well having these conversations with you has really made me have feelings for you. I love you Layne. -- 17black

You don't even know what I look like Louis. -- Anon95

That doesn't matter. -- 17black

I love you too. -- Anon95

I'm gonna go to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow. -- Anon95

Goodnight my love. -- 17black

*Anon95 has signed out*


I put my books on my desk across the room and crawled back into bed. I couldn't stop thinking about Louis. He was right. I definitely had feelings for him and I think its time to meet him. 

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