being bullied

i hate life, most of the people in it not all of them but most of them. this is the full story


2. moving on


mum met the neighbor and they became pretty cloes.

He was the father figure in my life he would take us to the beach after school and then go buy us ice cream even though it was pretty expencive then we woud go and get take away for dinner and watch movies when we got home. we ended up moving into his house cauze dad kicked us out. i know right? my own father kicking his 3 kids and wife out of home but he did and he didnt care.

he would still forget our birthdays and not have anything to do with us.

we lived across the road and he couldnt see us and when he wanted to he would get his new girlfriends daughter to come over and get us just so he could talk to us. we had phones sp why couldnt he just call or come get us was it that hard for him to pick up his phone and contact his kids? maybe it was? maybe he never wanted us so he didnt care? maybe we turned out different and he didnt want us?


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