being bullied

i hate life, most of the people in it not all of them but most of them. this is the full story


3. as time goes on

now its some time in june or july in 2011 and this is were it gets worse 

my oldest sister teagen nevr does what she is told but she doesnt care. my step dad Daniel asked her to do the dishes before he gets home he was gone for 3 hors and she still hadnt dont them yet and he went off.

everything was getting to him i mean you try being a 28 year old man going forom living alone to having 4 girls in your house you would go alittle crazy right? 

but dad was also still the same not caring about us and still forgetting our birthdays.

Daniel lost it and went off at my sister thats when she called my father and told him to pick her up cauze he was at his girlfriends house. once daniel saw the car he compleatly lost it and went on a rampage. he went after dad and didnt care if he hurt him.

he followed dad in his car ran him off the road,karate kicked him in the head twice pulled him out of the car from the window ran over him twice and smashed him with a metal pole the cops were called and we had to go to the police station 

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