The Hogwarts Games


2. for death

Hermiones POV

Thursday soon tolled around I woke up and looked at the clock 7:13 I screamed and threw on some leggings and a green tanktop. U threw my hair into a bun. Voldemort is going to kill me liturlly I sprinted into the room " My alarm didn't go off I'm and so sorry l-lord" I said cringing at the last part. "Crucio!" He shouted I screamed in pain as it felt like a million flaming hot knives where plunged into my body. Ron just stood there his eyes wide "Stop! you monster!!" Ginny yelled. He turned around and stared at her wise eyes " how dare you address me like that. I see why you are in GRYFFINDOR!" He snarled she flinched. "Please it wasn't her fault someone hexed her alarm I known Hermione granger she had four alarms set why is it NONE of them went off!" She snarled back. I smiled as Ron stepped up

"come on Ginny it's not worth it or he will torture you instead " Ron said. "No he's hurting her don't let him do that Ron she's your girlfriend!" Ginny said. He rolled his eyes " I don't care about her Ginny she is a mudblood were pure bloods were better. please it's be better if he killed that mudblood" he said making everyone gasp. Draco smiled till he heard the second sentence he gasped. My eyes stung tears poured Voldemort smiled " Mr. Weasley I like you you'll have a advantage in these games " "AVADA-". He started Ron grabbed my hair and threw me in front of Ginny " AVADA KeDARVERA" a green light went threw me my boyfriend RONALD WEASLEY KILLED ME"

I awoke with Ginny shaking me I hugged her and got up. I changed into my training uniform shorts and a tanktop. I braided my hair. We walked to the GRYFFINDOR common room. I saw Ron and Harry Ron ran over to me I jumped back and blocked my head just in case. "Bloody hell Hermione what are you doing I'm not going to hurt you" he said. I nodded and we got into the room "starting now the next people to walk in get SEVERELY punished because they are late" she said. I frowned.


I looked over to luna at the art station I walked over to her she had her arm completely camouflaged to the tree I gasped. "That is phenomenal!" I exclaimed. " thank you I think concidering I do not know what that means I learned to paint from my mother before she passed away she was a muggle" she replied. I nodded " I'm a muggle born "I said. I painted a little bit and moved on to shelter making Ginny walked up and made an amazing shelter I tied a few logs together and made a sheet of leaves onto it. I smiled and took it apart. I walked to fire making within 5 minutes I made a successful fire. I decided to look at the weapons I picked up the bow and smiled.

"What are you smiling about granger?" Draco hissed. " nothing I'm just happy they have a bow I took archery for 6 years!" I replied. He smiled. I walked over and saw Ron in the cage next to mine he helad a spear I nodded at him I shot all ten arrows as the score went up up up from 2/10 5/10 to 7/10 to 10/10 I looked up he got 9/10 I smiled. He walked out "ah, you win bye 1 score "he smiled. I giggled and stuck my tongue out at him he chased after me I climbed the monkey bars with him right behind me I swam through the lake and ran through a corn maze.

Finally he grabbed me and I got a ear of corn I hit him on the head and ran away I bumped into Ginny I smiled we walked over to berry identifying "srastrow, nightgale, tastin,goldtale ," I muttered to myself I got 76/100 I frowned and tried till I got up to 100/100. I smiled and went to the knife throwing section I saw Millicent she was amazing I decided to ask if she wanted to have an alliance " No way you mudblood you foul creature" she spat at me I ran away finally I found myself getting controlled everyone was getting controlled I tried screaming professor umbridge had her wand out and was smiling

Great she was controlling us a simple 'gather around' could have worked. I thought. Suddenly we fell onto the ground panting for breath. I actually had an okay time at training. Soon everyone left and went back to our dorms.

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