Internet Friends

Claire is an average 16 year old girl. She lives with her mother, her older 19 year old brother Steven, and her pet dog Sam. One day on the internet she was doing her homework, when an add popped up. "SIGN UP FOR WEEWORLD.COM TODAY!"
She read what weeworld was about, and decided to join the Virtual world...
What will happen when her mother, and her older brother Steven find out??


4. Science Project

Claire's P.O.V.

"I just met someone..." I said blushing a little.

Jessica and Sarah screamed so that all eyes are on us.

"Shhhh!!!" I calm them down and soon enough everyone goes back to their own business. 

"Who is he!!? Tell us, tell us, tell us!!!" Sarah jumped in her seat.

I laughed and took a seat next to her.

"His name is Marcus. He's a senior and we bumped into each other as we were walking in the hallways. He thought I was cute so he gave me his number. No biggy." I said shrugging acting as if it was no big deal.

Sarah and Jessica's mouth DROPPED.

"You have to show me this Marcus dude!" Jessica beamed.


Just then Marcus walked in with Nate and Chris.

They came to us as usual.

"Hey girls this is Marcus."  Chris said as he took a seat next to Jessica.

Jessica and Sarah looked at me.

I nodded.

Both girls looked at Marcus as if he was Prince William.

Marcus saw me and smiled, I blushed.

I coughed grabbing everyone's attention.

"So..." I said grabbing the 'o' for like 5 seconds.

"Marcus is going to try out for the football team!" Nate says to us in excitement.

We smile.

"That's awesome Marcus! We hope you get to join the team!" Jessica says with a smile.

"Thanks guys. I hope so too." Marcus smiles and looks at me.


Lunch was over so we headed to class.

I has Science with Marcus so we went in silence.

Our teacher handed us an assignment and told us our partners.

Guess who I got partnered up with?

MARCUS!! *happy dance in my head.*  xD

As class ended quickly I got in the hallways and Marcus stopped me.

"Hey Claire." He said smiling.

"Hi Marcus." I said a little to over excited.

"I was um..wondering if you would like to work on the science project at my house tonight since its due tomorrow...?" 

"Sure! I will just let my mom know. You can text me the address." I smiled.

"Great. See you soon." He winked and left leaving me with goosebumps on my arms. 



As I got to my doorstep I walked inside and saw my mom cooking for dinner.

"Hey mom!" I said with a smile.

"Hi sweetie! Dinner is almost ready." She said.

I smiled. "Hey mom thats great! I was just wondering if I could head over to a friend's place for the science project we have....?" 

"Of course! whats your friend's name?" My mom smiled.

"Oh its Marcus. He is really kind and sweet." I said blushing a little but my mom didn't notice.

"Sure. But remember, no funny business." My mom said to me sternly.

"Yes, okay I know ew mom gross." I said with a 'disgusted' look.


I soon got a text from Marcus.


Marcus- 314 AppleBay Drive. Come A.S.A.P. See you soon! :)


I got in the car and drove off. It took me a few minutes to find the house but I found it.

I rang the doorbell and Marcus answered.

"Hey Claire! Come on in!"

I smiled and walked in and examined his house.

"Would you like anything to drink or eat?" 

"Water is okay. Thanks." I smiled and he grabbed me a water bottle. 

I looked around the house.

"You got a giant house..." I said giggling a little.

He laughs. "Yea i know... wanna head up to my room?"

"Uhhh sure i guess. Does your mom know I'm home?" 

His face turned soft..

"My mom died in a car accident 2 years ago..." 

I was at the edge of crying.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry!!" I gave him a big teddy bear hug and he smiled.

"Hey it's cool. But my dad knows. He's just at work at the moment."

"Oh." was all I could say.

We grabbed our bags and all the accessories we needed for the project and headed to Marcus's room.


I set the stuff down and and sat on the floor.

"Wanna listen to some music?" He asked me walking over to the stereo.

"Sure." I replied.

All of a sudden I hear Justin Bieber's Believe Album starts playing.

I look at him shocked.

"What you don't like him?? I can change it if you want.." he ran over to the stereo.

"NO NO NO!!" I screamed and he got startled but started chuckling.

I giggled.

"I like Justin Bieber..." I said blushing a little.

"Wow thats so cool! I'm a boy belieber but not alot of people know that..." he was blushing.


I tried acting all cool.

"Yea... I mean hes awesome and his music is amazing." I was so close to fangirling. 

Marcus just laughed and we stared into each other's eyes.

I soon broke the gaze.

"So um... project?" I brought it up nervously.

"Oh uh... yea sorry.." he scratched the back of his head and started writing stuff down.

We talked alot about our hobbies.

We both were single and we were beliebers. (For some of you who don't know, Beliebers is a fan base name for Justin Bieber fans.)

An hour later it was getting late.

"Oh my god i have to get home!!" I got up and quickly packed my bag.

"Oh ok.. um I will bring the project tomorrow okay?" Marcus got up with me.

"Yea okay. Don't forget!" 

He laughed. "I won't."


Marcus gave me a hug and I got to my car and drove off.

Today was AMAZING!



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