The Neighbourhood

I never imagine even meeting the lead singer from my favorite band The Neighbourhood. But, when I have to spend my weekend with him, it's a different story.


2. Chapter 2

(Search up The Neighbourhood singing 'Sweater Weather' live on radio show) After the concert was over I closed my laptop. They were everything I had seen them to be and more. Now it was time to interview them. When everyone was getting escorted out I went backstage.

"Taytianna!" Someone yelled behind me. I turned around. A man ushered me toward a door. When he opened it the boys were sitting in chairs in front of just one chair. I guess that one chair was for me, and I didn't do well with spot light. The room was small but elegant with red and gold chairs and it had a cozy feel to it. The man introduced me to the boys. "This is Taytianna. She's a reporter for 'Girl Talk' magazine." I shook hands with every member exchanging smiles with each member. Then came Jesse. He took my hand and gazed into my eyes,"Jesse," He says. His voice was seductive and his smile was perfect. I sat down in the chair and opened my journal while the boys were joking then someone coughed and in between the cough someone said "you're hot". But I knew it wasn't Jesse. I would reckonize his voice. My best guess would probably be Zach. Then they laughed and Jesse stared into my eyes and knew it was cheesy but, it was like he stared into my soul. He was making me crazy and I needed a wake up call that I was an ordinary girl. I started with my first question," Ok guys, girls wanna know, the type of girls do you look for?"

They all started at once Jermey said a sweet down to earth girl, Mikey and Bryan said a hot girl which made me laugh. Zach said a girl that is large and in charge, and Jessie said it so softy I could barely hear him, I thought he said "you" but I knew that wasn't the case. I rattled off questions and the boys were funny and outgoing. And Jesse just stared at me and smiling whenever I said something. He could get any girl he wanted, have his way with them if he wanted to. After I was done they all hugged me and I left with a signed baggy sweat shirt.

It was raining outside and the wind was blowing. I stopped at my little Toyota. And looked in my purse for my keys. Where are my keys? I thought I had them. Then the rain stopped pouring on me. What? I turned around and Jesse was behind me with an umbrella. He smiled while he was soaking wet.

       "Car trouble?" He asked.

       "I-I-I can't find my keys," I studdered. The interview was easier because, I was taking to all of them now I was only talking to the one that made me nervous. 

        He looked up at the rain, "Let me take you home." I froze at what he said. Then I realized he meant to my house and not his. Either way I would have to have to spent an awkward ride with Jesse. "I don't have the keys to my house."

       He raised his eyebrow at me, "You don't have family to go to?"

       "They don't live here. They live in California."


       I shook my head. He turned his head to hide his smile but I could see his smile before he turned his head. "You should use the umbrella for yourself. You're soaking wet."

       He smiled and said,"No worries."

       I couldn't help but smile at him. Tilted his head toward his car, "Come on."

I looked at his with wide eyes and I looked at my car and frowned. "I'm not going to leave you out here in the rain." I looked up at him. He was soaking wet. I wasn't about to let him come out here, drenching in rain water, and not go with him. 

      A group of guys came outside and I realized it was the rest of the guys. "Jesse come on man!" Zach yelled. He looked at them and then at me, "What will it be?" He asked. I looked at him then at his black range rover. I gave him a half smile smile looking at my car as an answer. 

     "Dude you're soaked man," Bryan yelled at Jesse.

     "I'm gonna call it a night guys!" Jesse yelled. 

      They looked at me and whistled and whopped. Jesse smiled and put a arm around me. He put his mouth close to my ear, "Let's go."


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