The Neighbourhood

I never imagine even meeting the lead singer from my favorite band The Neighbourhood. But, when I have to spend my weekend with him, it's a different story.


1. Chapter 1

   When I was assigned an article about my favorite band, The Neighbourbood, I was more than excited. I knew them like the back of my hand. I moved from California to New York to go to my dream college, Columbia. After I got a part time job for a teen magazine, I took at break from college after getting my associates degree in journalism. That was a big accomishment being only 20 years old. It was an even bigger accomplishment to get to see The Neighbourhood in the most intimate bar I knew. There would only be a few people there which meant I would see my favorite band up close.


  I was sitting on a red leather couch with two other women. The rest of the women were sitting on one of the other four tables that were set up. I looked around at the other girls, I couldn't even compare my black hair and brown eyes to these women. They were beautiful. Most girls were wearing short dresses and heels. I was wearing converse and a Neighbourhood sweat shirt that was bigger than me and jeans. I had curled my hair but only this once. The only thing I considered pretty about myself was my curvy body, which most of the girls didn't have. 

  I opened up my laptop ready to type up my article when they came up on stage. Right when I pulled up GoogleDocs the band came up. Brandon Mikey, Zach, Jermey, and the lead singer Jesse. I was in love with Jesse. Jesse was funny, hot, and the ideal bad boy on the outside but I knew in the inside he was a sweetheart. He was covered in tattoos and had a nose piercing. He had the rocker look with a shirt with no sleeves (which I called a grandpa shirt) and pants that were ripped at the knees. 


   All the girls clapped and cheered and the band smiled. Jesse looked around as the band got ready. Maybe it was just me but his gaze lingered on me for a while. It made me uncomfortable because his gaze was so mesmerizing as he just stared. And, I felt no choice but to stare back at him, like he had me in a trance. Then his gaze left my face and focused on the show.

  A blonde girl leaned over to me, "I think he was staring at you," She whispered. I just nodded. I felt relived that I wasn't crazy, "Do you know him personally?" She asked. I shook my head. I was too into him that I couldn't speak. 

  Jesse took the microphone," How are you guys doing tonight?!?" All the girls screamed and stood. So I got up and clapped keeping my eyes on Jesse. He glanced at me and then smiled. "Alright guys! I'm going to sing one of our hit songs 'Sweater Weater'!" The girls cheered again. I sat down and began typing. Getting in here was hard, so I had to work while the biggest thing in my life happened. Of course, I had to do my job while he was singing so I had to make it work. 

  His voice was incredible and band was awesome! Better than just listening to them on my iPod. I looked up and Jesse was looking at me. I had to look away, but I couldn't. He was mesmerizing. He winked at me and looked away. I was grinning like an idiot at my laptop.

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