I Don't Need A Reason

Natalie is a typical high school girl except one issue. She picks on a kid named Ryver. This starts back in kindergarten and they are now about to enter their senior year.
What happens when the bullied finds out her weakness?
You've heard the mindset of the 'bullied'. This is the mindset of the 'bully'.
To add to all of the chaos, Natalie finds out she's more than she thought.


3. Sky Blue

The end of summer came fast, as did the first day of school. I got up that morning with enthusiasm. This year was going to be great.

I got dressed with haste and threw my hair into a ponytail on my head. Looking at myself in the mirror, I deemed myself presentable. My long slender legs were dressed in orange leggings that was paired with a yellow baby doll dress. I was sporting a pair of orange flats as well. I was definitely going to be noticeable today.

Staring at myself in the mirror, I wrapped a thin gold chain around my neck, clasping the ends together. Hanging in the middle was a gold heart with a single diamond in the left corner. I couldn't leave my house without it. My best friend gave it to me before her... accident.

Tears started welling up in my eyes. Biting my lip, I pulled away from the mirror, pushing all thoughts of her away.

An hour later I arrived at the high school. After a deep breath, I got out of my black 2013 Lexus LX and walked to the front door with grace that would only come from ten years of ballet. People greeted me as I came in. I answered them all with a simple smile and a nod in acknowledgment.

When I rounded the corner I noticed a figure standing off by himself. This caught my attention seeing as though everybody was chatting with friends.

From where I stood, I could tell he had black medium hair complimenting his sky blue eyes. He had a pale, muscly body and for some reason, I found myself wanting to talk to him. He screamed 'bad boy' in every single way.

What can I say? I love bad boys as much as any girl.

Biting my lip, I walked to him seductively. When I was a foot away, he looked at me and smirked.

"Hey there! Are you new?"

He nodded his head, not saying a word. His carefree demeanor had me pulled in instantly.

"I'm Natalie. What's your name?"

He answered as if I annoyed him for asking such a question. "Kaleb." His voice sounded gruff in a sexy way. I felt like I was going to swoon like the princesses on the Disney movies did.

"Well, see you around... maybe."

As I turned around, he grabbed my arm and spun me around. We stood face to face, his sweet spearmint breath intoxicating me. The rest of him smelt like freshly mowed grass.

Our bodies were flushed together, making my mind go love struck teenage girl. I flushed.

"You're just giving up? That fast?" He said this in a low, astonished voice.

"You seem like you don't want to talk. I'm not going to pester you." I whispered in a trance. His sky blue eyes probed mine intensely, as if he was searching for something.

After another silent minute he let go with a sigh. He slammed his locker shut and took off down the hall, walking like he owned the place.

What on earth just happened? I shook my head to straighten out my muddled thoughts and began walking to my first class.

Nothing eventful happened until lunch. As I walked in, I noticed Ryver sitting by himself in the corner which gave me an idea. Smiling evilly, I grabbed my lunch and shuffled to the table that my friends and I occupied.

After a few 'hellos', I told them my plan. Grabbing a chair and pulling it next to me, I took my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, smearing it on the chair. Next, I hollered to Ryver.

He looked up, shocked I called his name. I waved him over. He got up skeptically and walked over with the speed of a turtle.

When he got near enough to hear me, I turned on the bubbly charm that I perfected years ago.

"Hey you! Why are you sitting by yourself?"

"Ummm..." He looked like he was at a loss of words.

"Never mind that! Why don't you sit here with us?" He bit his lip, looking down. I could understand why he was so skeptical of us. I looked to my other friends, they were all smiling in encouragement.

After a minute's hesitation, I added with a playful smile, "We don't bite." He nodded his head with a small smile. He set his tray on the table as he sat down in the seat next to me.

It took a moment but then he frowned and stood up. He wiped his hands over his bottom and pulled back with the goop all over his hands. His eyes widened and face reddened when he realized this was a prank.

The whole table roared with laughter. While he ran out of the room, my whole group was giving me high-fives. A tiny part of me felt a little guilty for upsetting him so bad but I pushed that away.

As I gave my friend Austin a high-five, a pair of eyes caught my attention. I looked at the attractive face. A smirk spread across his face so I smiled seductively.

Turning back around, I started a conversation with Cassie.

"So... I see the new guy has eyes for you." She winked at me and I looked down at my food, blushing. Shaking my head, I replied, "What are you talking about? Even if that was true, I don't date high school guys."

That was my one rule. High school guys were misbehaved miscreants. I did not have the time or the patience to deal with them. Now college guys were more mature but I didn't go over twenty-one. I was only seventeen, eighteen on Saturday. I had a slim picking in men. That doesn't include how picky I am either. I would never wear trash so why should I date it?

Cassie rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, yeah but even you would notice how unbelievably hot he is. Anyways, since you're not interested, I'm gonna go give him a try."

"By all means..." I knew I shouldn't care if she did try to date him but a little part of me wanted to stop her.

I took a deep breath, clearing my head. He meant nothing to me. He'd be nothin more than a little puppy dog following me shortly. Every other guy at this school did.

Cassie adjusted her chest and walked to Kaleb with a slow, sexy strut that always caught guys' attention. She was a red-headed Barbie doll. I was jealous of he perfectly curved body and beautiful hazel eyes. There wasn't a negative thing I could say about her appearance which aggravated me to no end.

I watched as she leaned against the table, lightly swaying her hips seductively to get his attention. Rolling my eyes, I turned away to focus on the conversation Austin and Jacob were having.

"Did you get a good look at that blonde chick in the lobby? She was SMOKING!" Jacob was waggling his brows at Austin. The lobby was the front area of the school building where they stood, scoping out 'hot chicks'.

"Oh, please! Can't you two talk about something else? Something interesting?" Austin through his arm around my shoulders.

"Oh Nat, I think you're just jealous!" I scoffed. "Don't worry though, we still think you are the hottest woman here."

Jacob was nodding in agreement. Rolling my eyes at their comment seemed like they only thing I could do.

"I'm just waiting for the day when I start college so you'll date me." Jacob smiled slyly at me.

"Yeah right! She'd have to lower her standards for you Jake!" Austin shoved him playfully. "I'm closer the her preference."

Jacob was a good-looking guy with his lightly freckled face and dirty blonde hair. His perverted mind was enough to turn me off of him though.

Austin was like a model. He was fit to be in an Aeropostale photoshoot. He was too arrogant and self-righteous for my liking.

Cassie coming back with a clearly upset face caught my attention. As soon as she sat down I asked her if she was okay. She just nodded.

"What happened?"

"He... said no." That's all she said. Confusion was ingrained in my face. I'm sure she's been denied once or twice so why was she so upset over one man?


She looked at me, hurt. My eyebrows scrunched together.

"He said he wasn't interested in me and then asked about you." She took a deep, calming breath. "I told him you didn't date high school guys and he... laughed."

I was surprised by his reaction and even more surprised Cassie looked like she was in tears. There must be more to the story. She didn't cry about anything. Definitely not when a strange man denied her.

"Is that all that happened Cass?"

She looked at me hesitantly. I could tell it was something hard for her so I put my hand on hers and nodded with encouragement.

She sighed before she spoke quietly. "He knows that I was part of the reason you-know who is in a coma." She took a deep breath, calming herself then continued in a soft whisper. "He said that if I didn't walk away from him that he'd tell everyone."

My eyes widened. How could the new person know? Did he know my part in that horrific night? He couldn't.

I looked to him and saw he was staring at me with curiosity. I couldn't bother with him. What if he did know? Staying away from him seemed like the best route.

Turning my gaze from him, I delicately ate my lunch, hardly touching or tasting it.

The rest of the day went by quickly. I was glad not to have run into Kaleb all day. That is, until seventh period came along.

Mrs. Wilson was sitting at her desk in the front of the room when I walked in. A smile graced her beautiful features. If she were on the streets, I never would have guessed her to be a history teacher. She looked to be only a few years older than me.

Glancing up at the board, there were instructions to sit where we wanted. I looked around the room, more than half the class already there, and saw none of my friends. A sigh tumbled out of my mouth.

My head instantly went against a desk towards the back as I say down. Just one more hour and I could go to the hospital. Tears stung my eyes as I thought about who waited there for me every day. I could still remember what had put them there perfectly, as though it happened yesterday.

A light tap on my shoulder brought me out of my reverie. A pair of sky blue eyes met mine when I raised my head. Holding back a groan, I dropped my head back down.

Wincing from the slight pain in my forehead, I cursed Karma for biting me in the ass, once again. He tapped my shoulder again with enough force to keep me from ignoring him.

With a scowl on my face, I asked, "What?!"

He smirked at me annoyingly. "I wanted to ask if I could sit next to you?"

Why was he asking my permission? It was a free country, after all. "Sit wherever you want."

Plopping my head back down, gently this time, I tried not to think of the man next to me. It was difficult not to, to say the least. I could hear his chair slide back, him drop himself onto it, and I could even hear the slight sigh he did.

Mrs. Wilson started lecturing in her girly voice about what we were to expect this year. I slowly began to let me eyes droop, thinking about the handsome man with the blue eyes next to me.

Images of a beautiful white wolf came flooding into my mind. He had green eyes and clean fur. I smiled at him then slowly started approaching him.

Getting closer, the smell of chocolate radiated off of him. I inhaled the smell deeply. It made my stomach flutter.

When I was a foot away from this majestic wolf, he pulled his lip back in a feral growl. My eyes widened in fear and shock. Was this beautiful creature going to eat me?

His eyes were narrowed, looking past me slightly. A vicious growl came from behind me. I tried to scream but some force wouldn't let it leave my throat.

My legs worked on their own accord and turned me around to face a demented-looking black wolf. He was the complete opposite of the white wolf. He was dirty and angry.

My eyes widened as I realized I was stuck between two snarling wolves. Heart thumping loudly, I slowly backed up.

The black wolf snarled louder, making me stop. He hunched onto his back legs and leaped at me. I screamed.

I jerked up in my seat. All eyes were on me. Mrs. Wilson's hand was poised over the board, in the middle of writing. My cheeks went scarlet. Mumbling a meek apology, everyone in the class returned to normal.

A sigh of relief exited out of my mouth. One pair of eyes remained on me. Turning towards him made me angry. A smirk graced his face. Asshole.

"Will you quit staring at me, creep?" Whispering, I turned my attention back to the board, attempting to pay attention.

"Does it make me a creep to look at something I find beautiful?" The smirk remained. I rolled my eyes and scoffed.

What a flirt. He was a player at his old school, no doubt. What confused me was how he wanted nothing to do with me this morning and now I'm 'beautiful'.

"Are you going to ignore me now?" There was a hint of laughter, and some other emotion I couldn't place, in his voice.

Begrudgingly, I turned to him. "I have nothing to say to you. Will you leave me alone please?" That ended our conversation, for now. Something odd pushed me away from him, telling me he was trouble.

My view of him this morning changed and it only took a couple of hours to change that. The bell rang and I ran out of the room to my car, not looking back.

Without missing a beat, I reversed my car and fled the school parking lot. This year was going to be difficult.

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