I Don't Need A Reason

Natalie is a typical high school girl except one issue. She picks on a kid named Ryver. This starts back in kindergarten and they are now about to enter their senior year.
What happens when the bullied finds out her weakness?
You've heard the mindset of the 'bullied'. This is the mindset of the 'bully'.
To add to all of the chaos, Natalie finds out she's more than she thought.


1. It All Started With A Little Push

"Natalie Marie Elizibeth! What have you done?"

My eyes widened in fear. How could she have found out so quick? My mom walked into the door from work exactly two minutes ago, not enough time to call anybody and have a proper conversation.

"You got dirt all over the new carpet!"

I rolled my eyes. Leave it to my OCD mom to freak out about, what I'm guessing is, a tiny piece of dirt.

I trudged downstairs, wishing I had some ibuprofen for the headache I was about to get.

When I reached the bottom of the perfectly white staircase, I found my mom standing directly in front of me, next to the front door.

She was staring at something on the carpet, I assume the 'dirt'. Leaning down, she picked up the little speck of dirt that managed to escape the 'dirt rug' in front of the door.

Turning to me, she glared.

"Honestly mom! You can hardly see it!"

She crossed over to the kitchen where my father was cooking. Smells were wafting out that were heaven to my nostrils. I followed, a couple of feet behind her. Grabbing the gloves on the counter, she put them on with haste and pulled out the trash can from under the counter to throw the dirt in.

My mom was a germaphobe as well. Life with her was difficult, to say the least.

In this moment though, I was glad she freaked out about dirt rather than the party I snuck out to last night. She wouldn't have approved of the guy I was making out with in the hot tub.

He had a scruffy rocker look to him which I instantly found hot. My mom would find him too dirty for me to even converse with, let alone play tonsil hockey with.

In my recollection of the guy I made out with last night - was his name Trevor? - I missed what my mom had said.

"What was that mom?"

She rolled her eyes as she began massaging her temples with her perfectly manicured fingers.

"I said, tonight we are having guests. We invited the Kross' over for dinner. I want you to be on your best behavior and make Ryver feel welcome. Poor boy has been bullied worse this year."

I kept my face as smooth as marble as I had previously mastered and answered with a voice that sounded sincere. "Of course mom. I will make Ryver feel at home here."

I turned away and headed upstairs before she could blather on further.

Ryver. Just hearing his name made me smile evilly. Ryver and I went way back. We've known each other since kindergarten. It all started on the first day of school...

"Can I play with you?"

I looked up from the mega-blocks I was stacking and saw a pair of shy green eyes. This boy in front of me had blonde hair with a couple of freckles on his cheeks.

My first instinct of him? Be mean to him.

"Sure." I smiled slyly. "But first you have to count how many fish are in the pond."

Our teacher was a nutty tree-huger who kept many pets in the room with us. In the corner of the room sat a pond big enough to be a bathtub that was filled with fish.

The boy's face brightened up. "I can do that! My name is Ryver. What's yours?"

I slowly walked with him to the pond. "Natalie."

When we reached the edge of the pond, Ryver crouched down to count the fish. I took this as my chance to react. Gently, barely putting any pressure in my hands, I pushed against his back. This caught him off guard and made him fall forward, causing a big SPLASH!

As everyone came to find out what had happened, I snuck away to the bathroom. When I was safely locked behind the door, I busted up laughing.

After I finished laughing to the point of crying, I stepped out of the bathroom, pretending to dry my hands.

Everything looked back to normal except a shivering, soaked Ryver in the corner of the room that the sun came in.

Ryver looked up at that moment and fear widened his eyes. I just winked and went back to my mega-blocks.

After that day, I've made it my job to prank him. This past year I upped the antics and started doing it every day. School was coming up in a week and I already had a list of things to do. This was, after all, my senior year and I needed to be prepared. I've had all summer to prepare. I've missed pranking that scrawny dork.

Most people say that 'bullies' pick on people because they like them or they were bullied at home themselves or etc.

I have no reason on why I pick on Ryver. I definitely don't like him. My family life, minus my mom being a clean freak, is great. I've never even been pranced once in my life. I just pick on him because I want to.

As I headed into my room, I went straight to my walk-in closet. I was going to look great tonight for our 'guest'. I was going to show him I'm in great spirits.

This year is going to be hell for him.

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