Age is ovet rated (Ross Lynch fan fiction)

This story us about a girl named Janelle Maria Chavez but she likes to go by Maria she a crush on celebrity Ross Lynch but what you don't know is her past and that is a nightmare will she and ross become a couple or is her age to young but you never know ross said "Age is over rated for love"


4. home sweet home????

Maria's p.o.v.
Elli pulled up to this huge awesome house it is a nice cozy home that is huge. " i know its pretty awesome isn't it?" Elli said. " Yeah i have gotta admit this house is amazing this is a cozy home Ellington" I said. "well thank you now if u don't mind you have to come with me so come on I think I know who might have an old charger for you." we walk next door to a blue house that is so pretty and big. Elli put in a key and unlocked the door and yelled "knock knock I am here!! I also have a surprise with me!!" I heard some one say come up stairs so he picked me up and took me upstairs to a door that has a hello kitty stick. He knocked and asked is everyone in the room and I heard a yes and come in but the voice sounded so familiar. he whispered " hide behind me and do every thing I do so to give you a heads up I am going to wave with my right hand so follow me." I nod and he opens the door and steps in a little and I follow I am super surprised tht I haven't messed up yet. " hi guys and gal how are you he waves." "Ellington why are you acting stranger then usual?" the familiar voice says. " um you must be cray cray I am all ways this strange." he said "um okay stranger Ellington come and sit next to you best friends." the familiar voice says. " come on Elli sit next to you favorite bff Delly." Rydel says. omg I am in the Lynch's house but I am very shy so we well see how I react with them "Ellington Lee Ratliff you are being so weird what in the world are you hiding from us" a very serious/funny/giggle Rydel said. " Fine Maria you can come out now" Elli said so I grabbed Ellington and peeked over his arm and saw the Lynch's all of the kids. I quickly hide back behind Ellington.
Third person POV 
Janelle peeked over Ellington's arm and quickly hide and everyone was staring at her. " sweetheart you don't need to hide from us we won't bit right guys?" Rydel said. " yeah we won't hurt you" the boys said. she peeked again but didn't move. " Come on M come out they aren't to bad I thought you are a fan." Ratliff said. " I may be a fan but I can still be shy you know that right Ellington" she whispered to him. " oh yea that's right I forgot sorry want me to introduce everyone or shall I let them do it them self's?" " um them self's" OK so you guys should introduce your self's." Hi Maria my name is Rocky, hey my name is Riker, I'm Ryland nice to meet you, my name is Rydel and I know that we are going to be good bffs and I'm Ross the sexy one nice to meet you maria. "um hi Rocky, riker,Ryland, Rydel and Ross nice to meet u too." she said. "come here sit next to me, Ellington and I will protect you from these crazy boys of siblings I have." Rydel said. "HEY!!!!!!"the boys said at the same time ten seconds later. Rydel Elli and I started to laugh at them. 
Maria's POV 
while we were laughing I felt someone pick me up but it was blurry from how hard we were laughing we started to cry. I felt like a bolt of electricity go through me when tht person touched me I finally stopped laugh crying and then I wiped my tears and saw the only Ross Shor Lynch carrying me while his dripping wet hair was falling on me. I had my phone in my pocket and I had no idea where the boys were taking Ellington, Rydel and me but all I knew I had to be glad I have my contacts on my phone all written down in a my tablet for emergency's  because they were taking us outside and I saw that rocky snatched Elli's and Rydel's phone but I  guess they didn't think I a phone. so when they take you out side against your will or to make it better if their stronger then you but it took rocky and riker to take Ellington cause he wasn't letting them take him to our destination the pool and Rydel was also but not as much since Ryland was carrying her and if she moved a lot we would make Ryland drop her I was struggling a little but he was hugging me tight the more I moved so I decided to tickle Ross to make him put me down before we made it to the pool but bad idea because he was holding me over the pool already and so was the others they were carrying Ellington and Rydel over the pool too so they all said ready set drop and they dropped us. Ross was laughing over the pool in his pj's a d so I pulled him in the pool payback.  

A/N hey warriors you want to know a secret 















filming the whole thing 



you know Ross 

also felt the same spark go





through him when he picked up Maria.







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