Age is ovet rated (Ross Lynch fan fiction)

This story us about a girl named Janelle Maria Chavez but she likes to go by Maria she a crush on celebrity Ross Lynch but what you don't know is her past and that is a nightmare will she and ross become a couple or is her age to young but you never know ross said "Age is over rated for love"


2. Flight

Maria's p.o.v.  

so today is my last time here Cole and now tht I am leaving I am so glad I won't ever see these teachers again but at the same time I am going to miss my friends Kelbie, Maria, Avery,Ylonna, and Elsa. but I might miss Anthony like 5% but I hate his guts he is such a jerk ever since we came to Cole he acts like a different person ugh Idk how Avery can even be friends  with him but I am letting it go so I still won't talk to him but I am hoping he doesn't talk to me at all today because he is just going to ruin my last day here in Colorado I leave right after school i get out at 4:00pm and I leave my house at 5:00pm. well its 3:59pm so I am hugging all my friends for the last time in my life but I will always keep in touch with them so I was hugging Avery till I turned around and saw Anthony with a rose and holding a card which is freaky I never told him I was leaving. I gave Avery a death glare for telling him and I tried to ignore him and talked with Kelbie and Maria but he tapped my shoulder and said my name "what the hell do u want Kwane Anthony Lamb?" tht is his full name we call him Anthony because it's his nick name but I was the only one I called him Anthony because it was my thing to call him. "come on Jan don't be like tht" "don't fucking call me Jan I don't like it when some people call me tht and especially ur ass so get the fuck out of here I hate u and I will always hate you but then he surprised me by giving me a kiss on the cheek. I was about to slap him but he stopped my hand and said don't do it or u will regret it I know u so very well he gave me the rose and the card I said bye to my friends and when I was really far from tht school I throw tht rose away and I started to read tht card on my walk home from school it said

"dear Janelle Maria, I want to tell you tht I will never forget you because you are and always be my my best friend tht I will always love more then a friend. because I have had and have a lot of crushes on you and I never will forget u   maria and tht kiss I gave you on ur cheek was planned because I need to give u tht. I LOVE YOU JANELLE MARIA CHAVEZ!!!"

ugh WTF why the hell would he write this I hate his guts  well I am home now I have to pack all my posters of R5 and Ross lynch posters so now tht I am done I have to take a quick shower I was done and got dressed and now we are leaving to the airport I get a mocha coffee from Starbucks and I got on my plane to California bye Colorado I will miss u I love you. 

wht do you think about my first chapter I love you warriors now keep reading and I would love to get comments,and I would have been a little bit long its tht u am sick so my throat is hurting a lot so thts why but I wanted to update really bad for u guys please comment love ya warriors 

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