The Bad Boy's Sister (Complete)

"Harry! I'm tired of you!" I yelled a lot louder then I wanted too. "What do you mean?" He asked confused. "I mean everything bad that has happened to me is because of you! I'm sick of it!" I said trowing my hands in the air with anger. "Well It's not like I can just change the fact that your The Bad Boy's Sister" He said cocky. "I don't think you understand Harry! I hate being the bad boy's sister. I always have and always will!" I yelled. You have no idea what he has done to me all because he's 'The bad boy', And me being Ella Styles will always be in the background because of him.


24. Unknown


I Kept hugging Niall "I don't wanna deal with this drama at school right now, I just wanna stay here with you" I whispered 

He let go "Well we don't have to go back to school" he said shrugging 

"We don't?" I asked 

"No, we can just hit the road right now and go get ice cream, I mean it's not like anyone is watching" he said looking around us  

He's right, all the teachers are out getting lunch right now "Lets do it" I said smiling 

He smiled and pecked my lips, we walked fast out of the school doors, I hopped into his car, and he started driving

"So where are we going?" I asked while looking out the window

"Like I said we are going to get ice cream, I think there's a ice cream place right over here" he said pulling into a parking lot

I nodded. Niall is so sweet, and so perfect!  

He opened the door for me to get out, I hoped out of his car and, he held my hand on the way to the shop 

I looked through the shop's window 

oh crap

oh no 

oh no

"Is that person in the ice cream shop who I think it is?" I asked in Panic 

Soon Niall saw who I was talking about We both said at the same time "Mr.Carson" 

Mr.Carson is the meanest teacher at our school! Ugh He would Tell the principle on us in a heart beat! And what great luck we have with him walking out the exact time we are walking in..hmm...  


"Uhh...we came here for lunch" Niall said smiling

"Lunch ended 20 minutes ago" he said crossing his arms

We stared at him blankly "you two come with me" He said grabbing out arms 

Great... Harry is gonna kill me! "I'm sooo Dead" I whispered 

"what was that Miss.Styles?" Mr.Carson asked 

"Nothing" I said shaking my head

Mr.Carson gave me a dirty look,Like the kind of look a mean girl gives, "I'm watching you" he said and kept walking 

"Creeper" I whispered and me and Niall silently laughed 

He put us in his car like he was a cop or something, and he drove us to school. 

He took us straight to the principle's office 

"So, I caught these students ditching!" Mr.Carson yelled  

"So I see" The Principle Mr. Martin said nodding

"did you not hear me?!? THESE STUDENTS DITCHED! SKIPPED! DIDN'T SHOW UP! I THINK THEY SHOULD BE-" he was interrupted  by Mr.Martin

"I think I understand thank you" He said opening the door for him to leave 

Mr.Carson stomped out while giving us a dirty look 

"Look, I don't wanna get anyone in trouble today so I'm gonna let both of you off with a warning, but if I catch any of you guys doing this again, I'll have to ex-spelled you two" he said opening the door for us to leave  

"Thank you so much" I said

"Yeah, thanks" Niall said 

"No problem just don't tell Mr.Carson" he said and smiled then winked 

We nodded and started walking  back to class 

"So what now?" Niall asked

"I don't know, But I wanna stay with you I know that for sure" I said while walking 

"But, Liam..and your brother...and-" I cut him off 

"I don't care about them" I said 

He smiled and stopped at room 30, that was his next class

"well I hope we talk more after school" Niall said smiling 

"Me to" I said nodding

Then he walked into his class and I walked to room 37 

It was 6th period which means my elective, YAY my best class! Drama! 

I walked into the class, we have the funniest teacher ever! Mr.Act

It's so weird that he teaches Drama and his name is Mr.Act! I also love this class because I have it with all my friends! I hate that Harry is in it with me tho! the only person not here is Niall...

I like Niall and everything, but I don't know if we are gonna last 'Forever' because I thought me and Louis were gonna last 'Forever' but that didn't work out.... 

I wish I had the power to know when I'm gonna get hurt. But sadly I can't control what happens to me 

I walked into the class and gave Mr.Act the late slip

"And here we have a trouble maker" He said joking 

"Hi Mr.Act" I said smiling 

"Hi Miss.Styles why don't you take a seat next to Mr.Styles, Sorry I have to sit you next you your annoying brother" he said laughing 

I sighed "Alright" I said and sat next to Harry, He gave me a suspicious look 

Mr.Act went on talking about what ever he was talking about.... 

"Why were you late? does it have anything to do with what you told me at lunch?" Harry whispered 

Oh yeah! I yelled at him before I left...

"It's not a big deal Harry" I whispered back

"Did you ditch?!" He asked with a stern whispering voice 

I didn't say anything and just had my eyes on Mr.Act, who was talking about famous actresses 

"So you did ditch" He said nodding 

I didn't say anything 

Come on Bell! This would be the perfect time to ring! 

"We will talk more about this when we get home" Harry said 

That comment made me so mad! He's doing it again! He's acting like my father! 

"Yes, we will talk about it at home, but your not gonna be dad, got it?" I asked 

"I'm not trying to be dad, but what ever" He said and then payed attention to Mr.Act 


The Bell for school to end has just rung

I walked to my lockers to put my books away 

I Looked down at my phone as saw I had a text I opened it 

It said:


From: Unknown number

Hi Ella, I know your in high school, I know where you live, I know you have a brother, I know you 17 years old, oh, and one more thing, I know your mom is alive. If you wanna see your mom again meet me in front of your school at midnight

I stared at my phone in shock for a little while, did that person just say my mom is alive? I stood in front of my locker blankly.  

Should I go? 

It is pretty weird that the person knew everything about me.....maybe he watches me and I just don't see him.....

Maybe he/she is watching me right now.....


Author's note:

Who do you think the person is?! hmmm.....? 

I hope you guys are enjoying this! 



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