The Bad Boy's Sister (Complete)

"Harry! I'm tired of you!" I yelled a lot louder then I wanted too. "What do you mean?" He asked confused. "I mean everything bad that has happened to me is because of you! I'm sick of it!" I said trowing my hands in the air with anger. "Well It's not like I can just change the fact that your The Bad Boy's Sister" He said cocky. "I don't think you understand Harry! I hate being the bad boy's sister. I always have and always will!" I yelled. You have no idea what he has done to me all because he's 'The bad boy', And me being Ella Styles will always be in the background because of him.


15. The Club


I'm still at Gracie's house and I came here to forget about all the drama, but I just can't stop thinking about Louis! I keep telling myself to think about someone else but I just can't! Okay, time to ask the experts for advise. 

I interrupted there girl talk to say "Guys I need advise" I said 

"Stop the talking! Everyone! Elly has something to say!" Gracie exclaimed

Then they all turned to me

"Okay so I know Louis cheated on me by sleeping with another girl, but it was Harry's fault! and even if I know It's wrong, I still like him" I said looking down 

"HOLD IT! he had sex with another girl! That's wrong!" Sophie exclaimed 

"And that girl was me! and Harry put me up to it! I was dumb! and the whole time Louis kept saying how bad he felt" Gracie said 

"I think you should talk to him" Molly said 

"I think we should go clubbing now" Rose said

It was really late and her mom was asleep so it was the perfect time! 

"I think your right here are all of your fake IDs" Gracie said handing us them 

mine didn't even look like me! but what ever 

we sneaked out of the window and walked to the nearest club

then we showed them our 'ID' and he let us in 

All the girls were having fun but me I still couldn't get my mind off Louis

I'm siting in the bar thinking

"So, let me guess you made a fake ID and now your here with your friends but you can't get your mind off a stupid boy?" a blonde girl with curly hair said 

"Yes, but how did you-" she cut me off 

"I'm here for the same reason, I'm Laney by the way" she said putting her hand up for me to shake it 

I shook her hand "I'm Ella" I said 

"so what friends are you here with?" I asked starting a conversation 

she pointed to a couple girls dancing 

I nodded 

"so wheres your crew?" she asked 

I pointed to the group of girls flirting with older boys 

"Oh I see" she said nodding 

Then 2 girls cam over 

"Hey why are you not dancing you still hung up on Harry?" One of them asked 

um, did she say Harry?

she shrugged "Oh guys this is my new friend Ella, Ella this is Shelby, and Savannah" she said pointing to the 2 girls 

"Hello" I said shaking there hands 

They smiled at me then went back to the conversation "so still thinking about Harry?" Shelby asked 

"wait what about Harry?" I asked

"oh He's just this stupid guy that broke my heart" Laney said sadly 

"why? do you know him?" Savannah asked questioning me

"actually yes, I do know him" I said   

"ooh! did you date him! he is such a player!" Shelby said 

"Gross! um No! He actually my twin brother" I said laughing 

Their faces flushed with redness 

"Oh, well.. nice meeting you" Shelby said and Walked away with Savannah  

"You're his sister?" Laney asked 

"Yep" I said Nodding 

"I though you looked like him" she said 

Just then I saw Louis walk in holding a girl's hand, he can't see me here! 

"It was nice to meet you, but I have to go" I said and turned around and grabbed Gracie, and walked into the bathroom 

"what? I was just getting my groove on" she said 

"we have to go!" I said 

"Why?" she asked 

"Louis is here with another girl" I said in panic 

"What a jerk! Yeah, lets get out of here" she said 

we tried to walk to our friends without him seeing us but then I herd his say 

"Ella! is that you?!" 

I turned around and found him walking toward me , I smiled and waved nothing I can do about it now 

"Hi Louis" I said not looking him in his eyes, because I know that when I do I can't help but wanting to fall in love with him all over again... 

"we need to talk" he said 

"I'll leave you too alone" Gracie said and walked towered our friends 

me and Louis walked to a place where the music wasn't as loud 

"Start talking" I said 

"Okay so first of all I have to be honest the reason why I didn't see you in the hospital is because Harry told me that you never wanted to see me again, and I didn't mean to do that with Gracie it just happened" he said with a sorry look on his face 

"I Know it wasn't your fault" I said 

"so we good?" he asked 

"I guess but we are just friends for now" I said turning around as I did,  he had a sad look on his face, I don't know why though he's here with another girl!

I walked away and found Gracie flirting with some guy  

I walked back to the bar where I met Laney, she was still sitting there, except she was talking to a different girl with medium dark hair 

I sat down next to her 

"Oh Ella, this is Kemi" she said pointing to the girl 

I waved nicely then I looked at the time Dang! it was almost morning! I didn't know we were here for so long 

"It was really nice meeting both of you but I have to go" I said and walked over to my friends 

"Guys! we have to go!" I said and showed them the clock they nodded and we walked out of the club and back into her window 

"so guys wanna get an hour of sleep?" I asked 

they nodded and then we fell right to sleep 


"girls wake up!" I herd Gracie's mom say 

I opened my eyes 

"It's okay Mrs.Reed I got It from here" I said 

She nodded and walked out 

"GUYS GET YOUR LAZY BUTTS UP!" I scream and hit each of them with a pillow 

They each popped there heads up 

Then I looked at my phone, It's almost noon I have about a million texts 

Harry: Hey, when are you coming home? 

Harry: Ella!

Harry: ELLA!!

Louis: Hey :) we should hang out 

Niall: Hi! 


Niall: You dead? 

Zayn: Yo what are you doing today? 

How come all my text messages are from boys? Ugh I need more girl friends 

"Guys apparently Harry wants mt home" I said sadly 

"Well see you at school!" Gracie said 

I looked at what I was wearing, I'm wearing the same dress I wore at the club I decided to change into a super man sweet shirt and some jeans, then I gathered my stuff 

"Bye guys" I said giving each if them a hug 

They said Bye and I hopped into my car and drove to me and Harry's house I opened the car door to get out and walked into our house 

"Finally your home! I was getting worried" Harry said 

"why You thought that I was kidnapped?" I said sarcastically

he shrugged and I walked upstairs


Author's Note:

Hey guys! I decided to add Shelby, Kimi, Savannah, and Laney!

Sorry if you guys are mad at me for not picking you! 

Keep reading! Byeeee   


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