The Bad Boy's Sister (Complete)

"Harry! I'm tired of you!" I yelled a lot louder then I wanted too. "What do you mean?" He asked confused. "I mean everything bad that has happened to me is because of you! I'm sick of it!" I said trowing my hands in the air with anger. "Well It's not like I can just change the fact that your The Bad Boy's Sister" He said cocky. "I don't think you understand Harry! I hate being the bad boy's sister. I always have and always will!" I yelled. You have no idea what he has done to me all because he's 'The bad boy', And me being Ella Styles will always be in the background because of him.





I opened my eyes,I looked at my phone to see what time is was, 10 more minutes before and I have to get ready for school!.... why am I awake? I don't know. Last night I couldn't sleep at all!

Why does sleep hate me so much?  

Well It's Thursday...Tomorrow is Friday. When I thought thought that my mind went to that dumb song 'It's Friday' I think that's what it's called.... What am I doing tomorrow? I think Harry is having one of his crazy party's or something

I remember someone asking me to do something that day...who was it? I guess I'll have to find out at school 

I looked at the clock, Time to get ready or school. Normally Harry would wake me up, But after that fight with Zack he's been sleeping in longer. Zack gave my brother a black eye, a busted lip, A sprained ankle, and A couple bruises here and there. This was the worst fight he's ever been in! Ever since he's been home he's been missing school. and I let him because he can barley walk with his ankle! but he's been getting better. Yesterday he started to walk faster. His eye is also getting better. He will probably have to wear the eye patch, the doctor gave him, if he goes to school though. 

I slowly got out of bed, I walked down the hall and into Harry's room, he's still sleeping. Should I wake him? Well I guess,He hasn't gone to school or a long time! 

"Harry" I said softly 

He rolled over so I saw his back and not his face 

"Come on Harry! You probably have a ton of homework to make up!" I said 

He sat up "But Elly! My eye hurts, and my leg hurts and my body hurts" He whinnied

"You say that every morning Harry" I said

"But this time it really does!" he said putting his hands up like he didn't do anything    

"Don't you wanna see those cheer leaders?" I asked smirking 

He shook his head 

"What about Jessie? and Think about your reputation! If you come to school looking all beat up, then people are gonna think your a real bad boy... Isn't that what you want?" I asked

He thought about what I said, then he got out of bed "I hate it when your right" he said as he walked in the bathroom 

I smiled to myself, and walked into my room to get ready 


I wore my brown high waste shorts, my sweater, and black com-bat boots. I brushed my hair then decided to put my hair in a messy bun. 

I walked down stairs and found the boys


It's been such a long day! and it isn't even over yet! 

I walked into the lunch room late because I had to talk to my teacher, I found myself swamped with girls

They were telling me like 20 different things

"WAIT GUYS!" I said talking over them

They stopped talking "One at a time!" I said

"I can explain!" I herd Gracie say raising her hand 

"Finally a person I know" I said

I pushed through the people  and went to Gracie, "What's going on?" I asked  

"I don't know you tell me, What's going on with you and Niall? and Liam?" she asked 

"What?" I asked confused 

"Come with me" she said and took me to the back of the school I saw people chanting "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!" Oh no oh no oh no oh no 

She took me to the front off the Fight 

I froze at what I saw

Then I remembered, Oh My God! I'm a terrible person! I said yes to doing something on Friday with Niall and Liam!

"YOU KNEW I LIKED HER!" I herd Niall screamed 

"AND YOU KNEW I LIKED HER TOO!" Liam screamed back 

Niall's face turned red, he looked super mad! and so did Liam! Pretty soon they are gonna start fighting! 


"OH I'M THE PLAYER?!" Liam shouted back 

I saw Liam's fist go up, NO! Please Liam don't! 



I screamed "STOP!" But they didn't here me with everyone yelling "STOP!" I Kept saying but it was too late 

I watched Liam's fist hit Niall's face sharply, Then Niall hit him back 

The only thing I was thinking was They Can't get hurt! Especially if it's my fault! This can't happen! 

Without thinking, I Jumped in between Niall and Liam, "STOP" I yelled again 

But Niall probably didn't me because before I knew it, I felt my face burn with pain

I crouched down on the floor with my hand over the spot he hit me

I looked around and everyone was Quiet, Liam's mouth dropped open, Niall's face looked shocked at what he had just done.....


Author's Note:

Don't worry people updating right now! I won't leave you hanging

Love you!!!!! 

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