The Bad Boy's Sister (Complete)

"Harry! I'm tired of you!" I yelled a lot louder then I wanted too. "What do you mean?" He asked confused. "I mean everything bad that has happened to me is because of you! I'm sick of it!" I said trowing my hands in the air with anger. "Well It's not like I can just change the fact that your The Bad Boy's Sister" He said cocky. "I don't think you understand Harry! I hate being the bad boy's sister. I always have and always will!" I yelled. You have no idea what he has done to me all because he's 'The bad boy', And me being Ella Styles will always be in the background because of him.


14. Contest! -Author's Note


Author's Note:

Hey guys! I know you guys want to be in the Story, so I thought why not make this fun? If you want your name in the Story Comment your name and the boy you wanna date bellow! I'm gonna make Harry have a girlfriend for sure, but if you want a different guy, we can work something out! 

Bye Love ya! 

Next chapter coming! 


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