Hole in one

Kat and Harry meet each other they become close all tho the age gap they are in love but will some events separate them or make them closer


3. chapter 3

Harry's pov-

I walked towards masons playroom and picked him up am blew on his tummy making him laugh because he was so ticklish "you need to go to sleep little man" I said to him "I agree with daddy harry it's late" Kat said . I offered to put him to bed.

"What pj's do you wanna wear" he picked his superman onesie . I helped him put them on "goodnight daddy" mason said as he got under the covers . I sang to him so he could fall asleep faster , he finally fell asleep I kissed his forehead and walked out his room.

"Kat you wanna go to bed now" I asked her and he said yes as I helped her up. She poked my butterfly tattoo , she has a fetish for poking people I think it's cute . I poked her tummy and kissed her cheek to end our little poke war. We walked to her room and she closed the door behind me "you know I'm almost 18 , remember what we planned on" I told her I did , and gave her another kiss on the cheek "just kiss me already" she said kinda frustrated I smiled and laughed and kissed her "don't let me go" I said still kissing her showing her how long I had been wanting to do this wasn't sure about it "I would never" she said in a whisper that I could barely hear "I've been waiting to ask you this for 4 years , will you be my girlfriend?" I smiled shyly at her "yes" she said kissing the hell out of me. We want to finish our little make out session by cuddling "you don't know how much I love you" I too her "I do" she said smiling . Those words made me the happiest person on the planet making me think that the day I ask her to marry me she will say those exact words . "Goodnight baby" I said as she fell asleep on my chest tracing my tattoos "goodnight" she said as she feel asleep and so did I.

I woke up the next morning hearing water fall, I groaned as I got up off the bed and knocked on the bathroom door "yah" she said as she let me in "what are we Doing today?" I asked her " we have to go shopping" she responded to my question " you wanna get in?" She asked , I nodded and took of my clothes and got in the shower with her . I kissed her neck as I touched her body slowly , she moaned as I touched her breast and she grabbed my drenched curls for support she slowly kissed my lips as I lifted her up and wrapped her legs around my waist and I started to enter her slowly teasing her just to see her in pain "don't stop" she said stuttering closing her caramel colored eyes "I won't" I said tugging on her hair with one hand while the other was supporting her on my waist "I'm getting hard baby" I told her as I laid her on the shower floor and started again her drenched hair was sticking to her skin like a thin layer of clothing which made her seem helpless I heard her start to singing lyrics from the song 'never say never" by the fray

"Don't let me go , don't let me go"

"I promise I won't" I told her as I went faster I stopped as she said that we might wake up mason or Sam "are we that loud" I said smiling "no I don't think we are but if either of them walk in it's going to be real weird especially for mason he's to young to see this" she said with a face of realization "just a little longer please" I told her with a pouty face , "later we have to go shopping anyways" we reached a compromise and I helped her up. As we finished taking a shower I got out first and looked at my self in the mirror on the wall , the water stopped and I saw Kat walk out she wrapped her arms around my waist and got on her tippy toes to put her chin on my shoulder . She was so short compared to me she grabbed my hand and intertwined her fingers in mine "I love you" I told her , she starts to laugh "why are you laughing" I asked her "were still naked" I turned bright red and hugged her and grabbed some towels for both of us and carried her bridal style out the bathroom , she laughed as I tickled her tummy as I laid her down and the bed and kissed her forehead and left her there as I stood up and went towards the mirror. "You should probably cover those love bites up the paps or gonna be on us from the start" I told her as she lay there looking up at the ceiling at the glow in the dark stars she has on it "don't worry as long as we don't drag attention to our selves we will be fine plus I'm not ashamed" she said sitting up and winking at me I looked at the mirror and noticed I had them too "your bag is over there we should probably start changing by the way" I nodded and thanked her and walked towards my bag" as Kat walked towards the closet . I put some jeans on and a rolling stone shirt and some nikes and went to the kitchen and got some cereal just invade we didn't eat out at the mall . Nobody was awake yet besides me and Kat so I turned on the Telly and watched 'The Walking dead' and waited for Kat to finish getting dressed.

Kat's pov-

I walked to my closet and put on some high waisted shorts with a batman shirt and some hello converse and a pair of ray bands and put my hair in a loose bun . I went to the kitchen and grabbed a banana and sat down next to harry on the couch "open up" he said as he made a 'chu chu' noise so he could give me some cereal and make it seem like we were 5 year olds "you ready to go" he asked me as he drank the rest of the milk from the bowl "ya we just need to tell Sam that we are leavening and brush our teeth" we brushed our teeth and I put in my retainer and went to Sam's room while harry went to check on mason. "Hey" I poked Sam on his side "what" he groaned "I'm leavening I will be back to pick up mason so you can go to work ,ok" , "fine" he said as harry walked in with mason all drowsy and out him on Sam's bed , harry walked out after he said goodbye and gave mason a kiss , I did the same things kissed mason goodbye and planted a kiss on Sam's cheek and walked out trying not to make noise.

As we headed towards the door harry sped up a little and opens the door "thanks you love" I said as he smiled widely "which car are we taking mine or yours" I asked him "mine and I'll drive" he said as he opens the door to the car for me "where are we going first" he said as he grabbed his raybands from the glove compartment , "we can go get candy's present then we can shop for our selves if you want" he nodded and started the engine.

We parked in the parking garage and went inside the mall and headed to a toddler store that I have always loved "welcome to Gymboree how may I help you" I heard an employee say "we don't need any help thank you for asking" I said to her "this is the cutest thing" I turned to see what harry was talking about "that's a little small for candy don't you think?" I said pointing at the tutu he was holding in his hands "ya but I wasn't saying It was for candy , I was thinking why don't we have a baby of our own" he said as he held my hand "ya maybe we should" I said winking at him "ok know we can look for something for candy" he said , we walked over to the toddler section and harry found some cute outfits "would they for her" he said as he handed them to me so I could see if they were the right size. A approved of the size and we walked over to the cashier. "I'm surprised nobody has recognized us" harry said as he handed the stuff to the cashier "me to , it feels good when we don't have fans chasing us" I said as I hands my credit card to the cashier "here you go Ms.vela" I heard her say ,me and harry both looked at each other "don't say we were here or that we are shopping" harry told her "I won't but you should probably use money instead , you know your name is on you card" she said " oh shit I forgot thanks I will remember that you just saved out butts" she smiled knowing that she had just helped us we said our goodbyes and walked out.

We made sure we weren't recognizable as we walked out the store and started walking down the section of the mall "you should go shopping for something fancy for your birthday" harry said to me , I agreed and told him that I would meet him at the food court when I was done. I headed towards this little boutique at the end of the mall I've always wanted to go to but never could because I didn't want to be ambushed by the fans I mean I love my fans but it gets over whelming plus I have asthma , I walked in and nobody was there but the manager and asked if she could make the store private , she looked at me like I was crazy , until I took off my glasses and showed her who I was.

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