Hole in one

Kat and Harry meet each other they become close all tho the age gap they are in love but will some events separate them or make them closer


2. chapter 2

Kat's pov-

As I pulled into the drive thru at McDonalds I heard a scream . Scared that I thought I had hit someone I saw someone running towards the window of the car " Kat and harry I'm a big fan would you mind giving me an autograph" she said with a big smile "sure" we both said at the same time "can I take a pic with you guys too" she asked with puppy eyes . We both said yes and took a picture and parted are ways as we pulled up to the menu. As we finished ordering and pulled up to the window harry asked for some extra kid toys , I snickered "aren't you a little old for playing with kid toys" I asked still snickering "there for mason" he said playing with the toys he had gotten while I gave the cashier my credit card . "You spoil my child to much you know that right" he kept playing with the you as he smiled and said "I know" under his breath smiling at him self looking up at me shyly to poke my belly.

We got home and parked the car in the garage "go ahead inside I need to get something from the trunk" he nodded and headed inside . I walked towards Harry's car and grabbed his birthday present as in a couple of minutes it would be his birthday. "Mommy" I hear as I walked into the house "hey baby what did you do with daddy Sam today" I asked hugging him "we went to the park candy was there too"

Candy is mason's girlfriend and she's my best friends Amy's daughter and her daddy is Niall. Harry dry Niall and Amy up when Amy first came and visited me. Amy's like my big sister she's only two years older than me I don't think I could live with out her.

"Did you give her a kiss on the cheek like a gentleman" I asked him "yes mommy" he said proud of him self "that reminds me it's candy's third birthday Monday you need to get her a present" I heard Sam say from the living room "I will get her one tomorrow" I said as mason went up to harry and asked him if he was gonna sleep over "ya I'm sleeping over so me and you can play with your new toys" he said "what new toys" he said with a confused face "these new toys" harry said as he pulled the toys we had gotten earlier "thank you daddy harry" he said as harry picked him up and hugged him.

"You wanna play some COD?" I heard Sam ask harry as he finished his game . "We have to eat then you guys can play" I said to them as they stared at me with puppy dog eyes "ok" I heard them say as they slumped down at the table "hey don't get sad on me" I said pointing at the clock "I got something for you harry" I said taking my present from behind my back "I told you not to get get me anything" as he handed me mason "happy birthday man" he said as Sam gave harry a hug , "four more years till your my age" harry laughed , how I love his laugh it makes my whole day. "Your birthday is in 9 days and you can't say no I'm taking you out for lunch and dinner" he pointed to me reminding me I was turning 18 winking at me . "And Sam your birthday is in 2 months" he's turning 20 . "How old are you daddy Harry" mason asked him "I'm 24 baby" he stood there thinking "I'm 24 too daddy" mason said to harry "no baby your 4 I'm 24" mason looked at Harry's lips and said "24" trying to Mimic his lip movement. "Ya mason daddy harry Is 24 isn't that cool , know let's see him open his present" harry opened it , I bought him a Rolex that he had seen online but didn't want to buy him self because he doesn't like spending money on himself . "Thank you kitty Kat" he said as he hugged me and kissed my forehead. "Ok let's eat some food" he said putting on the watch "what did you get me" asked Sam "the usual" I responded.

As I handed out the food I looked up and saw harry mouthing "I love you" at me "I love you too" I mouthed back and smiled and looked down at my food, "mommy can I play with daddy's when were done" knowing that it is a violent game I told him that he couldn't "ok" he said , I apologized and gave him a hug , he kissed my forehead "don't get sad mommy it's ok" I wasn't sad I just don't like letting him down "I'm not sad baby I'm ok" I told him "I love you mommy", "I love you to baby" I said as I walked over to sit next to harry "I heard you guys won the tournament" Sam said smiling at the both of us "ya first place" harry said getting a high five from both Sam and mason"

Sam's pov-

I'm happy the won first place they deserve it , they worked real hard on keeping up with practice and work , I'm mostly proud at Kat because de was able to do it with out stressing so much and being able to handle it. "Sam you wanna play some COD now" , "ya sure" I have harry a controller and we started to play . "Hey im going to play with mason for a while alright" she said as she walked out the room.

"So have you and Kat gone up to the next stage in y'all's relationship" he shook his head "no" I was kinda secretly happy because I still have feelings for Kat and I was gonna try to get her back "but I'm thinking about asking her to be my girlfriends you know it's about time it's been four years and I've been waiting till she turns 18" my hopes were brought down , I know Kat has liked harry for a long time but I felt since we live with each tier I thought she might start to like me again but I guess not . We finished our game and I told harry I was gonna go to sleep since it was 2 in the morning "happy birthday" I said before I walked into my room "thanks" I heard as he passed by my door going to his room in the house. I went to my bathroom and grabbed my blade well it was kat's but harry made her stop cutting and she did but when she told me to throw it away for her since she couldn't , I kept it I had cut for years but u stopped for mason he was my only source of happiness. I starred at it for a second and put it back were I kept it and turned of the lights and walked out .I grabbed my iPhone and beats and listen to music so I could fall asleep and not think of anything else.

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