Careless Wonder

A girl with strange light red hair, borderline pink, appears out of nowhere from Ichigo's past and demands that she speaks with his father... and why is Urahara looking for her? Ichigo/oc


10. Chapter Ten: Unexpected Events

Careless Wonder

Chapter Ten: Unexpected Events

Walking through the streets of Karakura town, the stars seemed brighter then normal, illuminating the sidewalk for the two walking friends; Ichigo looked over at his companion. To his surprise, she was smiling. And no, not one of her small forced smiles she gives everyone else, but a smile that made her cheeks slightly rosy, and seemed to brighten up her eyes.

"What are you smiling about?"

Aria glanced over toward Ichigo to see him staring at her with a raised eyebrow, hands behind his head almost like he was stretching. "I was just thinking about Ikkaku, how disappointed he seemed when I denied him a duel."

"All the guy thinks about is fighting." He paused and glanced at her again before staring forward. "How's your arm and leg?"

Already knowing what he was talking about, she reached up automatically and rubbed her shoulder. "Still stiff, but when I… turned, the wounds instantly healed up. Probably the only thing good about what happened." Thinking back to when the hollows jaws bit into her causing her to turn, it made her shiver. "To tell you the truth, if I didn't change I wouldn't be here right now."

Ichigo agreed. "You know you can still lose control. I still lose control myself once in a while." Aria nodded, already having this conversation with him.

"Once I leave I won't have to worry about losing control. My shikai is more than capable of taking anything on that decides to go after me. I doubt I'll be hurt enough, or emotionally drawn, to hollowfy."

"Why do you have to go? Can't you just stay here, Yuzu would miss you. She's already attached to you. Besides, where else do you have to go? Weren't you just travelling around, letting the wind take you to where it blows, as you put it."

Aria stayed quiet. He was right to a certain extent. But does she even want to go?

Ichigo looked over to her again to see why she was hesitating, but found a sly smile on her face as she wiggled her eyebrows at him. "You're just saying that because you'll miss me. Admit it pansy, you'll cry if I leave."

Ichigo face turned red, he glowered at the supposed red head to his right. "I never said that! And who you calling a Pansy? I thought I was a dumbass?!"

"So you admit to being a dumbass."

"I didn't say it like that, either! I only said it because you always insult me using that stupid nickname, or whatever you want to call it."

"I think I like pansy better, it suits you."

"How the hell does that suit me?"

"Pansy ass."

Aria snickered as she watched Ichigo fumed and flustered next to her. "How about this," she quickened her pace until she was a couple of feet in front of him where she turned around to give him her full attention. He stopped, crossing his arms with a scowl. "If you admit that you love me I might consider staying." She laughed as Ichigo's face turned a red, almost purple color. She turned and lightly ran back toward his home. She could hear him saying agitated words, not making sense in the least bit.

Still, she wasn't planning on staying… she couldn't.

"Ichi! Aria! Your home!" Yuzu came bounding out of the kitchen and ran up to Aria to give her a hug. Feeling a bit overwhelmed but the sudden contact, she patted the girl slightly on the back and nudged her away.

"Nice to see you too, Yuzu."

Ichigo walked forward and tousled Yuzu's hair as he passed. He turned back around and smiled warmly to his little sister. "Something smells good, what's for dinner, Yuzu?"

Yuzu leaped over to her brother, grabbing his hand and dragging him into the kitchen. Aria smiled as she watched Ichigo still smile at his sisters constant pulling. Before he disappeared, he look back at Aria to see her smiling warmly herself. When she caught his eye, she forced the smile to go away.

"How's it going, Aria? " Aria looked over to see Karin sitting on the couch in front of the TV. She was leaning on the back her elbows sitting on top of the couch and her chin, with the remote in her hand. "Did my idiot brother treat you alright?"

"Besides his constant whining, he was tolerable and nice when needed." Karin smiled, watching Aria walk in and turn toward the kitchen to see Yuzu shoving a spoon in her brothers' mouth.

"So where did you go anyway?" Karen asked. Aria turned around to look at her and shrugged.

"Soul Society."

Karin blinked a couple of times, taken by complete surprise by her blunt yet truthful words. Usually Ichigo would try to lie around it or try to change the subject when it had anything to do with the supernatural. But Aria was different. Maybe she knew that she could see things, too. Did Ichigo tell her, or was it that obvious?

"Is there anything wrong, Karin?" Karin snapped her attention back to Aria realizing she was staring off into space.

"Uh, yeah, I'm fine." She got up from the couch and walked past Aria to get to the kitchen. Aria followed right behind her. "So what's for dinner, Yuzu?"

Yuzu turned around from stirring the pot and smiled her genuine, happy smile. "Homemade chicken noodle soup."

"Does it have carrots?" Aria asked out of the blue.

Yuzu nodded. "Yeah, why do you ask, Aria?"

Aria scratched her head and looked away from her like she was embarrassed. "I'm not a big carrot fan… I'll just fish them out when I get my bowl." She winked at her.

"Why don't you like carrots? Carrots are good for you, they're good for your eyesight!"

She looked up at Ichigo, a smile tugging at the side of her lip. "I don't like their color."

Yuzu thought about it, staring blankly at her. "You don't like the color orange."


"Hey!" Ichigo growled, crossing his arms as he scowled toward Aria. "What's that supposed to mean? If ya haven't forgot, my hair is orange, too." Aria glanced up to his hair.

"Yes… yes it is…" pause. "That's one more thing I don't like about you."

"Hey! You know that's not nice, you should keep those things to yourself so you don't hurt others feelings!" Wow, he sounded like a little kid, (sometimes he does this in the anime, so I added it here, haha).

"I hurt your feelings?"

"Of course not." He crossed his arms and turned away from her.

"I was just playing with you, Ichigo. I don't mind the color orange, I just don't like the taste of carrots."

Ichigo opened his mouth to comment back but suddenly something came flying toward his face yelling, "IIIIIIIICHIGOOOOOOO!" where the hell did he come from? Ichigo ducked out of the way with a growl, watching his father smash into the cabinets. "Yow, ow, ow, ow, ow!"

"When will you stop being so immature? Those tricks don't work on me old man."

Ishin stood up, dusting off the invisible dust. He turned around and noticed Aria in the room, his eyes growing wide with… Aria couldn't tell what he was doing. He's eyes were watering like he was actually going to cry over something. But before Aria had time to react, large arms engulfed her lifting her up off the ground in a bone crushing hug.

"My fourth daughter finally returned! I've missed you so much," he sniffled, then continued. "I thought something bad happened to you!" Aria wiggled her legs around, trying to free herself from his grasp. Without much success, she decided a different approach. She head butted him. Isshin stumbled back, clutching his head as tears ran down his face. "Life is so cruel…" he turned around and began to do the jig in front of the poster of his wife. Over the week she's been there, he seemed to do that at least once a day. Of course, she didn't know what he was doing to the poster. Sometimes she thinks he's humping it. "Why… why!" she couldn't hear the rest he said as she tuned him out and sighed to herself.

"You're an idiot," Ichigo directed the insult to his father.


When dinner was served, they all sat at the table and conversed. Yuzu was proud to announce that she got the lead role in her play and begged her brother to go see her next month. Ichigo agreed, hoping that nothing unexpected came up. Knowing his luck, he doubted it.

He looked over at Aria, noticing she hadn't talked for the last ten minutes. Of course, Aria wasn't a very talkative person to begin with, but the way she swirled her spoon through her half empty bowl in a daze had him concerned.

"Is everything okay, Aria?"

She blinked a couple of times, coming back from her daydream or whatever it is was that was running through her head, and looked up at him. "Oh, it's nothing." She turned her head to look at his father and his two sisters and sighed. She cleared her throat to get everyone's attention. When they all looked at her, she picked up a spoon full of soup and looked down at the contents. "I'm going back to Germany tomorrow." She shoved the spoon full in her mouth.

"What!?" Everyone exclaimed at once, excluding Ichigo. He looked down at her, his eyes only showing worry, and a bit hurt that she was just going to leave just like that. Did she plan on visiting? He had a gut feeling that she wasn't the type to visit unless it was something important.

"But," Yuzu began, tears brimming the corner of her eyes. "But you just got here! You can't leave now!" Aria didn't look up at her but responded nonetheless.

"I have to, I can't stay here any longer. I'm… needed elsewhere." For some odd reason Ichigo knew she was lying.

"But… but…" the tears began to fall from her face. Aria finally looked up to see the tears roll down her face and grimaced.

"Please don't cry, Yuzu. I'm not going to be gone forever." She forced a smile to her lips. "I promise I'll come back." The promise was empty, devoid of the truth.

"Y-you promise?" Aria nodded and received a small smile from the young girl. Karin began to rub her back, telling her soothing words to calm her down. Isshin, on the other hand, was just staring down at his food, he was suddenly serious which wasn't like him. Ichigo thought for certain that he would be balling, too.

"Are you sure you want to go?" he asked, his eyes finally meeting hers. She nodded and he sighed.

"I don't want to be a burden anymore. I hate moochin…"

"Nonsense," he cut her off. "You'll never be a burden. Believe it or not we do care for you deeply." He looked over at his son. "Isn't that right, Ichigo?!"

Ichigo blinked, his face turning red. "Wha-what! Care deeply? - No… I mean yes but – I, uh…"

Yuzu laughed at Ichigo's flustered state. He let the air out of his lungs, trying to calm his burning cheeks. Once his face was his normal peachy color, he peeked over toward Aria. She was smiling at Yuzu, he could see the light glint in her eyes as she watched her fondly. Even if she's only been there for a week, they already consider her part of the family. They must have assumed, since she doesn't have any parents or siblings, they could fill in that void. It seemed that Yuzu thought that very same thing. She thought she was going to stay with them for a while.

Then out of nowhere Aria shot up into a standing position, her eyes wide and wild; her breath hitched in her throat.

Ichigo got up too, looking at aria with wide concern. "What? What is it? What's wrong?"

Suddenly, Isshin stood up too, his expression mimicking Aria's. "No. It can't be." His eyes feel on Aria's when he muttered those words.

She took off. She pushed off the table and ran for the door, not even bothering to put her shoes on.

"Ichigo." Isshin said a silent order. The way he said his name was enough.

"I know." Ichigo followed after her, grabbing his shoes on his way out.

She wasn't too far ahead of him, but she was quickly pulling away. "Aria, hang on!" his yell fell to deaf ears. She was too concentrated on hurrying to her destination. Then, she stopped. Her head whipping around as her eyes scanned the area.

Ichigo ran next to her, taking in huge breaths of air. "What's going on?"

"I felt her spiritual pressure…"

"Who's?" Ichigo's concern grew as he watched his friends' frantic eyes scan the area around them.

"My mom. She was here, I'm sure of it."

Ichigo faltered, surprise lit up his face as he stared at Aria.

"Dammit," she swore, her anger growing. "What the hell was that? I know I felt her energy, I just know it." She turned and finally gave Ichigo her attention. "Did you feel anything?" Ichigo hesitated before nodding.

"Yay, I felt something too, and I'm pretty sure my old man did as well."

She scoffed and kick at the ground as she thought over everything. "Dammit!" She finally yelled, giving one last look at her surroundings and turned back to Ichigo with her hands in the hoodie pockets and hunched-walk toward him and home

"Nie wusste, dass du so viel schwor Aria? Was geschah mit diesem süßen kleinen Mädchen, das ich erinnerte?" A strange male voice said behind them.

Aria stopped, her eyes wider than anything Ichigo had ever seen her express. Her movements were slow when she turned around, her eyes practically bulging out of their sockets. Ichigo looked as well, his eyes were in slits as he stared the man down. He – looked like a normal human being. His hair was black and in a low pony tail that reached just a little above his shoulders, brown eyes, and a rounded oval shaped face with a smirk adorning it. His attire only consisted of blue jeans, white sneakers, a black shirt that hung a little below the waste, and a blue and white jacket to top it all off. Normal, human clothes.

"What are you doing here?" Aria said in Japanese. Ichigo wondered if she knew… German – yeah, that was the language he was talking… Wait, didn't she say she was going back to Germany?

"Japanesse? Ich bin nicht fließend in dieser Sprache. Wohlgemerkt Deutsch sprechen?" He was smugly smirking, something that irked Ichigo.

He leaned toward Aria and covered his mouth to whisper. "Who the hell is this? Should I be worried?"

"My… uncle," she said it out loud not caring if the other man heard. "But to answer your second question, I dunno yet. He still hasn't told me why he's here." She directed her next words to the man. "Do you think I'm stupid? If you knew that I was swearing before popping up, then I'm pretty sure you know some Japanese… dick."

He frowned staring down at the young girl. Then he finally smiled. "You caught me. I was hoping to have this conversation between the two of us, but," he glanced over at Ichigo. "It seems you think otherwise."

"Why are you here?"

He frowned, but Ichigo still saw the glint of humor in his eyes. "Is that anyway to speak to an old friend, your uncle? I'm disappointed, I thought your mother taught you better."

"Don't you dare talk about her you jackass. Now answer than damn question before I beat it out of you!" She almost roared, Ichigo could see she was trying to restrain herself as best as she could.

Now he was truly frowning. "I'm here to get you, of course. I just found out a week ago where you were at. I've been looking for you for the past couple of years."

"You're lying."

"Aria, I'm telling you the truth. Why would I lie? I've known you since the day you've been born. After I heard about what happened I came looking for you, but you were already gone."

"LIER!" She roared. Her hands were shaking at her sides. "Don't you dare lie to me, I remember everything that day when Aizen ruined my life! If you were so concerned then why were you there with Aizen!"

Ichigo tensed when he heard her last sentence. He turned his attention back to the man and glared. He was frowning, he saw something flash through the man's eyes and he cracked a smile.

"Very perceptive. Didn't think you could sense me back then, apparently I was wrong." He closed his eyes and shrugged, being very nonchalant about it. "I told them this wasn't a good idea. It would have been better if she came."

"If who came?" her patience was running thin. He looked back up at her with that sparkle in his eye again.

"Your mother, of course. She's still alive. After Urahara retrieved you I saved your mother, unfortunately your 'father' was already dead. He died instantly."

Ichigo's surprise was evident on his face. He couldn't believe what he was hearing, but if he was this shocked then… when he looked over at Aria, her mouth was agape, and her eyes quivering as emotions passed through them; when he looked down, her legs were slightly shaking.

"I didn't want to be there, I didn't want what happened to you to happen, but I had no choice. There's no way I could refuse that man. I was planning on retrieving you once you changed back, but Urahara beat me to you." He noticed Aria close her eyes. She took a deep breath of air and let it out slowly. When she opened her eyes once more, she was glaring, he could feel the hatred radiating off of her.

"Kisuke checked to see if she was alive, and he said no. I believe his word over yours." She turned around. "If she was truly alive then why didn't she come to see me instead of you?"

"She was afraid you would be too shocked and lash out."

"Well, since I'm pretty sure nothing could surprise me now, then she should come see me. There's no way in hell I'm going with you. You were with Aizen that night, why the hell should I trust you when you have nothing backing up your words." She began to walk, not bothering to look back. "Leave now before I suddenly get the urge to kill you for what you've done."

Ichigo took one last glance at the man who was continuing to frown as he watched Aria walk away. He turned and followed her, tensing up in preparation if he tried anything.

He began to chuckle. Aria stopped and Ichigo turned back around to look at the chuckling man, glaring all the while. "Aria, Aria, Aria," he tsked. "I was really hoping you wouldn't make this difficult, but apparently you're just a difficult child. You've always have been."

Aria whipped around, her swords appearing on her back but he had already disappeared. Both the teens looked around, waiting for him to appear. Suddenly, Aria sharply turned around while grabbing her black sword and swung behind her. The man easily clashed his own sword against her. She flung her body back to put some distance between the two.

Ichigo was already out of his body, clutching his substitute soul reaper badge to his chest and putting it away when he didn't need it anymore. He took a step forward but stopped when Aria glared at him, her teeth practically bared.

"Don't get involved Ichigo, this isn't your fight!" she stepped away from the man's sword, dodging and swung for her own attack. Back and forth they fought, dodging and attacking.

Ichigo gritted his teeth as he watched the two duke it out. He hated being on the sidelines. "I'm not going to let you fight on your own!" he took another step forward but heard Aria growl at his approach.

"You'll only get in the way," she blocked, gritting her teeth with anger. "If you want to be useful, go get your father."

That was a low blow, and Aria knew that, but she couldn't allow him to use up any more energy.

"Like hell I am," Ichigo shot back causing Aria to roll her eyes. He was so stubborn!

When he ran over to where they were fighting, someone else appeared in front of him. A female. Her green eyes bore into his and she smiled smugly. Much like that guy Aria called her Uncle, she had normal human attire on as well, but with a Zanpakuto strapped to her side. She reached up and tucked the stray strands of her tied up blonde hair behind her ear and gave him a once over. She was probably in her mid-twenties.

"You're cute." She drew her sword and swung forward. Ichigo brought his sword up and blocked.

"Who the hell are you?"

"My names Jade, and what's yours handsome?" They both jumped away from each other. Ichigo glanced to see Aria still defending herself, but he also noticed a cut on her right shoulder with a little blood soaking her hoodie.

"Dammit, I don't have time for you. What the hell do you want?" His anger was growing. He was considering using his Bankai to get both of them out of the situation quicker, but since the last time he used Bankai, he could feel the effects of losing his spiritual pressure more so than usual.

"We've been ordered to bring in Aria with any means necessary. If she wasn't so stubborn and careful, we wouldn't be fighting right now." She smiled and winked. "But I don't mind fighting you. It gives me something nice to look at." She lunged forward, commencing her out fight with Ichigo.

Aria looked down to see Ichigo dueling someone as well. She ground her teeth together, hating the fact that he was being more stubborn than her. She looked back up to see her uncle, Roy, chuckling at her worry for her friend.

"For someone being on their own for almost six years, you're fighting skills have really shaped up. Your fighting style is random, it's hard for me to find a pattern."

"That's not the only thing I've learned on my own." She launched forward, a green light emitting from her feet making her able to move faster.

Ichigo instantly saw the green spark appear around her feet when she launched forward…

Sword clashing against sword was heard. Roy was giving Aria a hard time, it seemed he was moving faster and his strength increasing by the second. Finally, both Aria and Ichigo were back to back, facing their opponents.

"I'll make you a deal, Aria," Roy smiled with a gleam in his eyes as he looked towards Ichigo's turned head. "I'll let your friend go if you come with me quietly. If not, I'll kill him."

Ichigo saw her tense, her hands gripping her sword tighter. "Don't you dare think about it Aria, I'll still fight for you no matter what you decide."

"You're a dumbass," she mumbled. Ichigo smiled at her remark. "We'll pass, thank you very much."

"So, what are you going to do now? You can't use your Shikai without destroying the buildings around you. You have nothing." He sounded so confident. That made Aria smile.

"I have one more trick up my sleeve." She reached up to her face and ripped her hand down, her fingers tearing a black mass that formed a mask.

Her mask was the regular ogre design with blue underneath her eyes like bags from sleepless nights. Protruding from her head were large ram horns that curled up and half way over her head.

Roy's eyes grew wide when he saw her hollow mask. Without notice, she appeared in front of him and swung her sword down the length of his torso and disappeared again. She appeared next to the women named Jade, her fist made contact with the temple of her head, sending her flying back and through the brick wall next to them. Then, her mask broke. "Five seconds," she muttered.

Roy sputtered a little blood, clutching his chest and stared at Aria. He smiled. "I'll have to admit I wasn't prepared for that." He stood back up from crouching down on his knees to his feet. "Looks like I'm going to have to try."

He brought his sword up causing Aria and Ichigo to tense. He was going to release his Zanpakuto.

But when he opened his mouth he instantly closed it, glaring behind the two teens. They looked behind them to see the cocky grin of Isshin Kurosaki. He was wearing his soul reaper outfit, with his own unique features of course, and his sword gripped in his right hand.

"Roy! I can't believe it's you!?" Isshin said all friendly like. "What's going on? Having a reunion without me?" Even though he was smiling and his voice was friendly, his eyes bore into Roy's telling him to back off.

Off to the left a girl emerged from rubble, clutching her bloody head. She looked up to see Isshin and she grimaced. "Roy," she called out. "We don't have a choice. We need to leave. Now."

"Damn," he muttered. Then he looked at Aria with a smile. "Looks like we'll going to have to do this another day, sweety."

"There won't be a next time," Isshin said with certainty. "The next time I feel your presence, I'll come after you myself and I won't hold back to end your life."

Roy still smiled before shrugging his shoulders and reached into his shirt. You pulled out a round object as big as an apple and threw it behind him making it shatter. Slowly, a blue funnel like portal appeared behind him. Jade was instantly at his side stepping in first. When Roy was in halfway he turned back to look at Aria one last time.

"Oh, and Aria, I wouldn't leave Karakura town if you know what's good for the family you're staying with." Isshin launched forward, but before he reached Roy, the portal thing closed, making Isshin jump into a now empty spot in the street. He cursed under his breath, glaring at the spot Roy was originally at. Then, he reached up and scratched the back of his head before turning to the two teens. Ichigo was looking back and forth from Isshin and Aria's turned back.

"Does anyone want to clue me in on what the hell just happened? Who is that guy and what the hell does he want with Aria!?"

Isshin watched Aria to see if she would respond but she didn't budge from her spot. He sighed and decided he was the one who had to explain things. "He's an old friend, a rouge soul reaper. He came back from soul society with Aria's mother. From what Urahara told me, he betrayed her family and lead Aizen to them. But now he's back. For what reason, I don't know, but he definitely wants Aria for something."

Both Isshin and Ichigo looked back toward Aria's unmoving body. Isshin was the first to walk over to her, placing his hand on her shoulder for comfort. Her head snapped up and looked over shoulder to see him. She was frowning, her face strained. She looked back ahead of her and said, "I'm sorry."

Isshin blinked a couple of times. "Sorry?"

"I'm sorry for putting your family in danger…"

They stayed quiet. Isshin kept his eyes trained on the back of her head. Finally, he placed both of his hands on her shoulders and spun her around. Before she could even look at him he slapped her. She clutched her right cheek and looked at him stunned. Then he hit her other cheek.


Her fist smacked into the side of his head making him fly back and into the wall. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!? MY CHEEKS HURTS LIKE HELL NOW."

Isshin got up quickly rubbing his cheek and stopping over to Aria. "IF YOU WEREN'T SUCH AN IDIOT I WOULDN'T HAVE TO SMACK SOME SENSE INTO YOU!"

"YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO GO THAT FAR, ONE SMACK WOULD HAD DONE IT!" She smashed her fist into his face again, sinking in and making him spin backwards and skid against the concrete. "NOW I KNOW WHERE ICHIGO GETS HIS STUPIDITY!"

The whole time they argued, Ichigo watched with a huge sweat drop sliding down the side of his face with constricted annoyed eyes following their every move.


A door slide open revealing a room full of test tubes, vials with bubbling concoctions, and hollow body parts with wires sticking out of them inside large tubes full of water scattered across the wall. Footsteps echoed throughout the room, toward a person hidden in the shadow working at a table full of smaller vials.

Once the footsteps stopped behind the shadow, it smiled. "So everything went according to plans, I assume." A women voice purred with satisfaction.

Roy smiled with amusement.

"Of course. Everything went exactly how you planned it, even Isshin got himself involved just like you predicted."

"Perfect." The shadow women smiled, tapping her finger to her chin. "Everything is falling into place."

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