The Secret Instagram

Blurb Who would want me I'm just me. I've been the same old Jess for 13 years nothing special here. Who would want a girl that suffers from post traumatic stress who lost her best friend , the girl who's family doesn't want her anymore. Why would they want me and love me when I don't even love myself. I promised Brenden I would accept them. But what happens if they don't accept me. ? Maybe they are my ticket to seeing Michael again but I can't leave Bodee. What if he will leave me first? What if they find my Secret Instagram


7. You want to adopt me ? No I won't leave bodee.


Jess's POV

Me and bodee were were standing in the lounge watching all the little kids get adopted, when Marissa the head of the orphanage came over to me and told me to come to her office. 

In Marissa's office 

"Jessica there is someone here who would like to meet you." She exclaimed 

I turned around to see Niall Horan from One Direction standing right in front of me. He looked at me and asked me why I was crying. To be honest I didn't even know I was crying I just loved him so much. I always told myself when ever I got depressed or wanted to cut that I could be Nialls princess or meet him one day and that guys like him don't like broken girls like me. 

"I never thought in a million years the one person who kept me alive would ever notice me."I croaked

" I never thought I would find a girl as strong and amazing like you." He croaked he was now in tears

The next thing I know I was hugging him. On the outside I was still crying but on the inside I was freaking out. Did he really mean what he said. 

"Would you be ok with me adopting you?" He questioned me. 

Never in a million years did I think I would talking or standing in the same room as Niall now he wants to adopt me. Of course I want to but I can't leave Bodee he needs me. 

"I am but I can't leave him". I said 

"Who's him" he asked 

" Bodee" I croaked knowing that if I left he would die. I would die. 

"Go get him he can come with us if he makes u happy then we have to have him and I always wanted a little brother or son." He said joyfully 

" Are you serious omg I love you so much now I love u even more thank you Niall." I screamed 

" Jessie u can call me dad, Nialler or anything else only my friends call me Niall. You are my best friend." Niall said

" Okay NiBear" I jumped for joy now to tell Bodee all about the news. I can't wait.

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