The Secret Instagram

Blurb Who would want me I'm just me. I've been the same old Jess for 13 years nothing special here. Who would want a girl that suffers from post traumatic stress who lost her best friend , the girl who's family doesn't want her anymore. Why would they want me and love me when I don't even love myself. I promised Brenden I would accept them. But what happens if they don't accept me. ? Maybe they are my ticket to seeing Michael again but I can't leave Bodee. What if he will leave me first? What if they find my Secret Instagram


8. Seriously he wants me too

Jess's POV 

I was running down the hallways trying to find Bodee when I saw him talking to this couple. They looked like they really cared about what he was saying. I was just standing there when I really had to sneeze and It came out really loud they all turned their heads and saw me. "Angie, Jason this is , Jess" Bodee replied sounding happier than ever. "Hi sorry to interrupt but I have really good news to tell you Bodee!" I replied with my British accent being thicker than usual. "What is it Jess?" He questioned. "I was adopted and I told him that i didn't want to leave you and he said that he could adopt you to. I am so happy I can't wait to start packing and figuring out how to decorate my room. And listen to all the Ed Sheeran I want-" I was interrupted. "Jess, Angie and Jason want to adopt me and I already agreed i was about to sign the papers but I was telling them about you." "Wait so you mean your leaving me?" I said as I started to back away this always happens. I get emotionally attached to someone and then they leave me. Like Becca or my Mom or my Real Dad that doesn't want me. Everyone leaves me and I'm so tired of not seeing this sooner why did it have to be him. I didn't even notice I was running until I saw Niall and jumped in his arms. "NiBear can we go home I don't want to stay here anymore."

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