The Secret Instagram

Blurb Who would want me I'm just me. I've been the same old Jess for 13 years nothing special here. Who would want a girl that suffers from post traumatic stress who lost her best friend , the girl who's family doesn't want her anymore. Why would they want me and love me when I don't even love myself. I promised Brenden I would accept them. But what happens if they don't accept me. ? Maybe they are my ticket to seeing Michael again but I can't leave Bodee. What if he will leave me first? What if they find my Secret Instagram


10. Cleaning

Jess' POV 

I was still crying and clinging on to Niall. He asked me where all of my stuff was. I told him we had to go up the stairs and to the right and it was the third door. He carried me up stairs all the way to my room and walked in. 

"Sweetheart do you wanna lay down and I'll pack your stuff or do you wanna do it?" He asked so sweetly 

"Can you do it for me" I croaked 

"Alright" he said and sat me down on my bed 

It took him 15 minutes or so to get all my stuff together that's when I almost forgot about my secret box. It had everything that was important to me in life and my blades. I asked Niall if I could have a couple minutes to say good bye to my room. He gave me a weird look but then told me ok. 

I started to walk to my closet I bent down and picked up the loose floor board. This little black beaten up, leather box that contained all my darkest secrets and childhood memories. 

I opened the box there wasn't a whole lot in there considering my childhood was cut short when my best friend died and I shut down. 

There was a photo album, this little necklace made of macaroni on a string from becca that we made in grade school,  a little wad of money rolled up for a rainy day and lastly my blades.

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